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Automobile’s speedy growth in recognition brings modifications

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Automobile’s speedy growth in recognition brings modifications


By the summer season of 1908, the automobile becomes firmly a part of everyday life in Greater Lafayette.

There had been 111 vehicles registered and bearing state license plates in Tippecanoe County, and county officials had been grumbling that there were quite some motors that were escaping taxes by using no longer being registered.

The motorcycle was developing rapidly in recognition, too. Archa Hoffman had opened a Harley-Davidson organization at 517 N. 4th St., and C.A. Haag was an agent for Indian bikes at 811 Columbia St.

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At the identical time, car groups have been here and there, and the Wayne Automobile Co. Of Detroit, became advertising in local papers in June 1908, for retailers.



What appears to had been the first visitor’s fatality in Tippecanoe County as a result of the auto befell the night of June 2, 1909.

The victim was a farmer, Addison E. Miller, 40, who lived within the “Farmer’s Institute” network, about 1 half of miles southwest of Shadeland.

From the proof located the subsequent morning, it appeared that Mr. Addison had been using his vehicle on High Gap Rd., approximately 1 half of miles south of his home when it became over in a ditch, pinning him.

His wrecked automobile and his body were determined shortly after sunlight hours at five:15 a.M. On June 3.

On the Fourth of July in 1910, Lafayette’s first motorbike fatality took place when Chester D. Huff, 20, of 1507 South St., rammed a grocery delivery wagon at 17th and Main streets. Young Huff, on his manner to Fourth of July racing on the fairgrounds, was fatally injured.

During January and February of 1911, the Jamison Brothers automobile enterprise as an exposure stunt and a sales come-on, subsidized a 20-day check of a Hudson “33” version, the usage of driving force Frank Neuman.

Neuman drove the Hudson one hundred miles an afternoon at some point in the 20 days. When all of it ended on Feb. 15, it became shown that he averaged eleven.9 miles according to a gallon of gasoline; had three blowouts and used and one-1/2 quarts of oil.

In 1911, the Jamisons offered both Hudson and Chalmers cars. Other sellers protected Hoffman-Moore at 831 Main St., dealers in Maxwells; Walter S. Sharp at 831 Main ST., who offered Mormons; L.W. Schuessler, an Overland supplier at 507 Columbia St.; Clark Bartee, a Ford provider in enterprise at Ninth and Main streets; J.L. Sheetz, who sold Oaklands in West Lafayette; Morgan & Torrenga, in commercial enterprise at State St. And River Rd. In West Lafayette, dealing in Elmore; and Charles Shambaugh, at sixth and Alabama streets.

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On April 6, 7 and eight in 1911, the neighborhood sellers subsidized the network’s first car sow and hill-mountaineering exhibition. The display became within the Wabash River lowlands south of State Street Levee where a livestock pavilion, baseball park and open grounds with bleachers have been advanced for several years.

The first motorized firetruck becomes placed on trial in Lafayette on April 29, 1911.

The crimson truck becomes 14 toes long and carried ladders, chemicals, axes and 1, two hundred feet of hose.

The firetruck, housed in what was then the “new” central station close to 4th and North streets, turned into a supply of embarrassment in the course of one take a look at on May 5 than 12 months.

It overturned at 4th and South streets, with numerous town officials jumping from it to safety. The city, in the end, bought a truck Jan. 22, 1912.

Auto racing commenced growing spectacularly in that year of 1911; Ray Harroun gained the first 500-mile race at Indianapolis that spring. And Lafayette’s Charlie Shambaugh tried valiantly to get into the race, most effective he finished his low-slung automobile too late to go into.

On Nov. 26, 1911, the 28-yr-old telegraph editor of the Courier newspaper become killed while his car struck an incoming interurban from Fort Wayne close to the entrance to Springvale Cemetery.

It probably became no longer Lafayette’s first automobile fatality, although because the town limits failed to exit that ways in the one’s days.

On May 4, 1912, the city’s first motorized firetruck became joined within the critical station by using the town’s first motorized ambulance.

The inexperienced ambulance changed into pushed via law enforcement officials and had the words “City Service” painted on the doorways.

Three weeks later, as the sphere changed into being shaped for the second Indianapolis 500 race, Shambaugh expressed new hopes to power in it. But his domestic-constructed, 6-cylinder racer would most effective go 70 m.P.H. In a take a look at on us of roads, and burned out its take hold of. He had to withdraw.

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