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Becomes Samsung’s Brand Ambassador


Becomes Samsung’s Brand Ambassador


Manchester United forward and professed machine lover, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, has signed on with Samsung’s Nordic division in a new deal in order to see the footballer acting as Samsung’s emblem ambassador in the area. In reality, although the deal won’t definitely start till sometime this spring, the player has already uploaded a video to Twitter, lauding the brand. In the associated tweet, Ibrahimovic describes himself as a “machine freak,” whilst he says in the video that he constantly has to have the latest tech as soon as it hits the market. According to Ibrahimovic, it’s lucky for him that he’ll be working with the world’s quality era corporation. As to the video itself, the Swedish footballer may be seen using multiple Samsung gadgets displaying off a number of the ones handsets’ features. In one shot he’s seen fiddling with the creation of his very personal AR Emoji Avatar on Samsung’s Galaxy S9. After a short cutaway, the camera degrees on Ibrahimovic signing an autograph with the S-Pen covered with the organisation’s Galaxy Note eight.

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For now, it isn’t clear whether the organization is sticking to its cell gadgets and comparable technologies or if it’s miles which include a much broader variety of its merchandise as part of the deal. However, consistent with a representative for Samsung, Corporate Marketing Director of Samsung Nordic Eva Carrero, a part of this deal manner that the soccer player could be using Samsung’s merchandise both “on the pass and in his home.” That should imply the player’s domestic could be equipped with any variety of merchandise the business enterprise has been announcing over the last several months – which could include greater current well-known shows consisting of its new Family Hub Refrigerator. There’s truly no way to inform, at this factor, which merchandise he’ll be promoting. Since it’s now not necessarily in all likelihood that Samsung has nothing planned for the relaxation of the year, he’s going to almost surely get to head arms-on with whatever else the agency has deliberate.


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