Thursday, September 24, 2020
Cardi B Asks Judge To Dismiss Blogger’s $1 Million Lawsuit Over Alleged Gang Threats

Cardi B is disturbing the $1 million lawsuits accusing her of causing a blogger to acquire gang-threats be thrown out of court.
According to court documents obtained by using The Blast, Cardi is looking the courtroom to brush aside the case filed via amusement blogger Latasha K. In her documents, Cardi says the lawsuit is not anything extra than “a transparent try to garner media interest and retaliate in opposition to” her.
Cardi claims she never defamed the blogger publicly when labeling her a “hoe” or “dumb a** bit**”, along with her pronouncing that’s simply called calling. The singer denies all wrongdoing and needs Latasha K’s lawsuit brushed off and the decision to permit her case in opposition to the blogger to retain on.

Earlier this yr, Cardi B sued bloggers Latasha K and Starmine Ebony Jones. She accused them of defaming via calling her a prostitute and claiming she had herpes.
Cardi took trouble with various matters Latasha K posted approximately her, which includes speaking approximately her infant Kulture. Starmine made accusations that Cardi did tablets including molly and cocaine. She sued them for defamation and sought unspecified damages and additionally desired an injunction ordering the movies to be taken offline.
Latasha K then counter-sued Cardi demanding $1 million in damages and accusing the singer of causing her to receive threats.
Latasha runs a YouTube channel with 500k fans and runs various different a success social media debts for her movie star weblog. She admitted publishing a video with every other blogger in which they pointed out Cardi B. She claims Cardi then reached out to her privately and requested her to dispose of the video.
She presented her to do an interview to speak about her problems but Cardi declined. She says then, “Cardi B began to publicly defame Ms. Kebe, referring to her as “this blogger female”, via mentioning that Ms. Kebe makes up faux memories; harasses all of Cardi B’s buddies; constantly stalks Cardi B; falsely claims that she has valid sources giving her information about Cardi B; uses Cardi B’s name for “click on bait”; and plenty of other false accusations.”
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The blogger says Cardi then trashed her online to her thousands and thousands of fans or even posted a IG video calling Latasha K “dumb ass bitch” and “hoe” severa times; discussed how all of the YouTube bloggers talk about Cardi B; and threatened to retaliate with litigation, now not due to the fact Cardi B turned into being defamed, however, because human beings have been “speakme shit about her buddies” and she becomes “unwell of it.”
Latasha K says she has acquired threats which include gang-threats as an end result and has needed to completely relocate her residence, she claims to also be dropping cash from her commercial enterprise via losing subscribers and advertisers. She says she is pregnant and suffering extreme emotional misery and anxiety and stress.


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