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Farmer attempts suicide over belongings dispute


Farmer attempts suicide over belongings dispute


A farmer attempted to devote suicide via consuming pesticide at Atmakur on Monday night following a assets dispute together with his own family participants. He was first shifted to Atmakur sanatorium and later shifted to Kurnool General Hospital for a better remedy. The victim has been diagnosed with Durgaiah, a native of Atmakur.

It is learned that the farmer took the intense step following a belongings dispute with other contributors of his own family. Durgaiah is the eldest son of Savanna. He additionally has a younger brother and sister. Savanna, who owned a few properties, provided the same share of the assets to both his sons. But Durgaiah was not glad along with his percentage.

He picked up a quarrel with his father and younger brother while he becomes in an inebriated condition on Monday night. The neighbors intervened on the difficulty and tried to assist the circle of relatives contributors in finding an amicable solution. But Durgaiah became unhappy with the solution advised via them and approached the nearby police station seeking justice.

The police, rather than listening to his plea, reportedly thrashed him. Upset over the police action, Durgaiah came out of the police station and fed on a pesticide. He was right now taken to the health center at Atmakur, and from there, he became shifted to the Kurnool General Hospital for a better remedy.


Speaking to The Hans India, Atmakur DSP, SV Mohan Reddy, said that there had been no reality in the allegation that the police behaved rudely with Durgaiah. , he said that Durgaiah turned into misbehaving with them instead of extending help to his father and sister. As a result, their own family contributors complained to him with the police.

Do objects on your family seem to mysteriously disappear because one of your roommates lives by using the saying “Whatever isn’t nailed down is mine? …”? Your family isn’t the handiest one. Many families have participants that borrow or use other humans’ assets without permission that may cause heated arguments and disputes.

While you and your roommates might not choose to nail your property to the ground, you can discover a technique to disagreements and assist save you the equal troubles of going on in the future. When sharing a household with roommates, disputes over personal objects typically arise while roommates feel in another way about personal possessions.

Some human beings are strongly connected to their property, mainly to objects with unique importance, even as other roommates believe that all gadgets at the premises are to be had for absolutely everyone to apply. These differences can cause conflicts whilst roommates no longer recognize each different’s belongings and do not soak up consideration the thoughts and feelings of other roommates.

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So, how can your household solve disagreements over the managing of private possessions? Just follow every one of those five steps, and your family can locate the right way to remedy and prevent these disputes from taking place.

1. Separate Fact From Fiction

Before speaking to your roommates, you must look at whether the object you observed has been taken is lacking. If you falsely accuse your roommate of taking your property, it could purpose a rift in your courting and disrupt the concord of your household.

2. Talk To Your Roommate First

The subsequent step is to method your roommate in a pleasant way and asks them whether they’re conscious that they have got taken your belongings and the cause at the back of it. When speaking for your roommate, you can find that they have clearly taken the object by using coincidence or unaware it belonged to you. In many instances, after hearing their story, you may discover there’s a workable explanation, and you will be able to find an answer that you may put into motion without delay.

3. Finding A Solution

You will find the right solution by looking at the reason given to you through the roommate who took your property. Any solutions you pick out should be ones that you may put into effect yourself, like preserving receipts of the gadgets you got, labeling your assets, and leaving your possessions for your room or one after the other from the gadgets belonging to other people.

4. Discuss The Issue With Your Roommates

If you feel the solutions you’ve got carried out do not clear up the problem, citing the challenge of private possessions in a group communication lets you talk approximately your trouble without pointing hands or singling out a selected individual. If we could every roommate express their opinion and helps your household discover an answer supported by all roommates. Solutions should consist of converting or placing new family policies like asking roommates to are seeking permission before borrowing gadgets, converting wherein non-public items are stored, and introducing group shopping.

5. Revise and Implement Improvements or New Solutions

Whenever you and your roommates experience that the applied solutions are not running, your household should re-address the issue. This may also suggest locating a greater revolutionary solution. For example, a roommate that takes every other individual’s meals or garb without permission might need to pay for the week’s groceries or do each roommate’s laundry for every week. When enforcing these forms of solutions, it is important that everybody supports and has the same opinion to complete the essential duties in properly religion.

Alternatively, if the possessions taken are excessive fee gadgets or continuously purpose friction within the household, it may be essential for a roommate to find a new location to live. Even even though your family won’t want to take this option, it could be a first-rate solution for anybody. It’s critical to remember that it’s possible to locate the right answer no matter the dynamics of your household. By information that human beings have one-of-a-kind attitudes to possessions and implementing a plausible answer, you’ll find out that you won’t need to reflect consideration on nailing your property to the floor once more.

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