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SteelSeries Arctis Pro flagship headset is tuned for gaming greatness


SteelSeries Arctis Pro flagship headset is tuned for gaming greatness


SteelSeries has revealed the Arctic Pro variety, a new line-up of headsets with a flagship version that promises a few seriously smart sound.

The top-cease headset is the Arctic Pro + GameDAC, which employs an ESS Sabre DAC and amp to pipe excessive exceptional sound straight into your lucky ears. SteelSeries notes that that is the first certified Hi-Res Audio system to grace the gaming international, delivering high-fidelity 96kHz/24-bit audio without any want for down-sampling.

The company also boasts that the GameDAC is mainly tuned for gaming, and might remodel your PC’s (or your PS4’s) sound by means of bypassing the hardware’s lesser-satisfactory DAC to produce tighter bass and impressive quantity, at the same time as nonetheless maintaining a smooth sound without a hazard of distortion.

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Furthermore, gamers will advantage from extra accurate audio positioning – i.E. The vicinity of sounds will be higher pinpointed, which may be critical in the likes of shooters – with support for DTS Headphone:X 2.Zero.

Another neat gain of the GameDAC is that it has a built-in OLED display to make adjusting settings a snap, whether or not you’re toggling surround sound or playing with the photograph equalizer. In different words, there’s no want to delve into software program and menus on a PC (which is manifestly a primary boon for the ones the use of the headset with a console).

Wireless wonder
As stated, the GameDAC is the centerpiece of the flagship version, however, there’s additionally an Arctic Pro Wireless headset which, as you would possibly bet, dispenses with the connecting cable.

The Arctic Pro Wireless comes with a USB transmitter and a twin-wireless machine that supports both 2.4GHz and Bluetooth, with the capacity to use each those connections simultaneously (so you can have sound from a recreation coming via, even as taking note of tune thru your telephone and the Bluetooth connection).

What’s also neat is that the USB transmitter has an OLED display screen just like the GameDAC, permitting you to without problems alter settings without a need to mess around with software program.

The Pro Wireless comes with two swappable batteries every of which closing for 10 hours, so you’ve got 20 hours of toughness on tap.

The entry-degree offering is the Arctic Pro, which actually consists of the base headset and applicable cables. However, all of those merchandise comes with the identical excessive pleasant speaker drivers which can be constructed around high-density neodymium magnets.

Furthermore, all of them gain from a light-weight build and suitable consolation tiers, proposing a self-adjusting ski goggle-style scarf, with Airweave ear cushions suitable for long sessions of gaming without being an ache inside the ear (as seen in preceding Arctic fashions).

You also get a retractable ClearCast microphone that has historical past noise cancellation generation to make certain which you come via crystal-clean while talking to your teammates.

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These headsets are to be had now direct from SteelSeries, with the Arctic Pro + GameDAC priced at $249.Ninety-nine or €279.99 (around £250, AU$445), and the Arctic Pro Wireless costing $329.99 or €349.99 (around £310, AU$555). Pricing remains to be shown at the entry-level Arctic Pro.

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