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Ony Software Update Problem Drives Sony TV Owners Beeping Mad


Ony Software Update Problem Drives Sony TV Owners Beeping Mad


It’s fair to mention the AV global isn’t having a terrific time of it proper now, at the least where the software a part of its business is worried. Over the beyond few months, I’ve protected an infinite circulation of botched firmware updates, including most currently a vastly past due Dolby Vision TV replace, which, um, didn’t really play Dolby Vision from any external sources. Now it turns out that this Sony software replace seems to have carried with it every other bug that’s riding many Sony TV owners to distraction.

Since January 17, whilst the ‘Dolby Vision’ software update rolled out, many proprietors of 2016/2017 Sony Bravia TVs in North America (the simplest region that’s so far received the update) are reporting that their TVs have started beeping or crackling/popping loudly while they are trying to activate sure capabilities on outside cable and satellite packing containers.

For example, a person with a Sony 65X900E reviews that when he starts offevolved gambling any application on his Tivo Vox Mini field, his TV and inexplicably emits a loud beep that lasts for around a 2d. An owner of a 55X930E reports that once he switches from the Apps phase on his TiVo Bolt to Live TV, an equal loud beep occurs. Two Spectrum Cable customers with Sony 55X900E TVs document that because of the update, their TVs set free the gratingly loud beep each time they are attempting to rapidly forward, rewind or pause their Spectrum DVRs.

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Another 65X900E proprietor with a Dish DVR reports the surprising look of the loud beep every time he switches out of the Dish DVR or deletes a recorded application. Similar problems apply to a Sony 65X750D owner in Canada using a Bell PVR. So it is going on throughout 15 pages (and counting) of Sony’s US TV network forum. And it will become clean across these pages (given the range of various cable packing containers affected together and the truth that the troubles handiest started out following Sony’s January firmware update) that the tense beeps are absolutely trouble with Sony’s firmware in place of whatever to do with the cable containers.


Indeed, Sony acknowledges on its forums that its engineering groups are aware of the problem and has published a page of workarounds for humans to strive. One workaround that seems to work for a few is toggling the sound output from their cable packing containers among Dolby and PCM audio, suggesting that it’s a problem with the TV’s handling of Dolby audio. For others, though, moving down the output resolution in their cable container does the trick.

These answers don’t seem to paintings/aren’t to be had for all of us, although – and having to compromise the overall performance of your cable/satellite tv for pc field is infrequently a most appropriate approach! It’s interesting to be aware that the difficulty doesn’t simply crop up on Sony TVs with Dolby Vision-capable X1 Extreme chipsets. Those with Sony’s older, standard X1 chipset (that may take care of Dolby Vision) also are affected.

I even have additionally acquired affirmation considering that first publishing this text that Sony’s A1E OLED TVs also are stricken by the beeping malicious program. I’ve approached Sony for the remark and could replace this story if/once I pay attention returned. Hopefully, they’ll be able to confirm a publish on their Community Forums suggesting a mid to cease February restoration. In the meantime, Sony has discovered this week that it could no longer affirm European Sony TV owners. At the same time, the ill-fated Dolby Vision software may begin to roll obtainable. Which is not certainly surprising on the occasions!

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