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Operating System Based on Revolutionary Blockchain Technology

Oparating system

Operating System Based on Revolutionary Blockchain Technology


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SINGAPORE – The creation of blockchain generation is provoking a revolution of the Internet of Value. In the blockchain international, Ethereum, NEO, EOS and other blockchain-based totally computing structures take advantage of land to run programs. On this land, a variety of software chain of various capabilities springs up, for example, Rebo network for the go-border charge, CVC with the feature of authentication and Distributed File System IPFS. However, in the international of the blockchain, there may be a loss of infrastructure with multiple functions which offer a diffusion of decentralized offerings. Brahma OS aims to fill that void.

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What is Brahma OS?
Taking the broadly used cellular Android gadget as an entry factor, Brahma OS builds an underlying structure of blockchain programs and atmosphere based on Ethereum. As the core of connecting stop-customers and blockchain networks, Brahma OS gives customers services like decentralized authentication, community transmission, garage, app shop, asset management, and transaction, additionally making Brahma OS notably scalable. Through the Brahma OS SDK interface, builders can quick amplify decentralized provider components.


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Why use Brahma OS?
The working machine because the interface between the consumer and the pc manages the scheduling, operation, and processing of the pc hardware resource. On the opposite hand, it also offers the person with a friendly human-system consumer interface. In order to provide and make use of computer resources more successfully, the virtual operating machine and the cloud working device service complement every other.

As operating systems become extra centralized, the infrastructure on which they operate is hence more centralized. For instance, as brute-pressure password cracking can pose danger to the identification authentication approach primarily based on the “username + password”, humans have proposed various two-thing authentication solutions inclusive of Google auth dynamic password, fingerprint authentication, and get admission to control cards. Although -issue authentication enhances consumer security, the master key used for authentication is saved on a primary server. Once the authentication server is out of order or once the master secret’s stolen, it’s going to pose a systemic danger and disclose consumer privateness.

The problems described above about centralization of identity authentication also exist in software services along with network transmission, critical storage, app keep and transaction fee.

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In coping with the agreement with the problem in centralized offerings, Rebo, CVC, IPFS have solved a few provider and feature consider troubles in a real gadget thru the blockchain generation. However, the layout thoughts for Brahma OS are specific. Brahma OS presents users with application services based totally on blockchain generation from the platform layer and running system stage. In the early making plans of the Brahma OS machine, Brahma OS can be based on the Android device to offer customers with blockchain utility components. Using blockchain technology, Brahma OS will remedy the accept as true with the problem from the operating system platform. From this, Brahma OS is greater like a blockchain digital system device.

In the destiny making plans, Brahma OS might be deeply integrated with the hardware to give beginning to a brand new telephone running device in the global of the blockchain. The network communication chip of Brahma OS and the contact chip of Brahma OS becomes a cutting-edge verbal exchange protocol that could assist many mobile telephone hardware producers.

What kind of blockchain offerings does Brahma OS offer?
In the initial implementation of the Brahma OS machine, Brahma OS will offer customers with the subsequent blockchain decentralized offerings with the aid of building a sandboxed surroundings for Native Depp and putting off Android’s centralized service additives.

To guard consumer privateness, Brahma OS gives customers with identification authentication offerings based totally on blockchain addresses and person images and offers privateness safety for user communications, calls and storage through elliptic curve public key set of rules and via Hash algorithm. As the storage and the transmission of information are encrypted, most effective users with a personal key could have to get entry to to it. Therefore, there may be no risk of data leakage in Brahma OS.

As for blockchain asset control, users can acquire ETHs and various ERC20 tokens management thru the asset management components offered by means of Brahma OS without extra pockets.

In phrases of building an self sufficient linked networks, Brahma OS dissociates each the meta-community and the “router” from present network protocols and expects to build a peer-to-peer OS network that guarantees encryption of communique information thru protocol confusion from the information transmission degree and build an autonomous, linked community from the configuration of the routing role.

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In terms of decentralized storage services, Brahma OS gives a functional interface invoking different decentralized cloud offerings, which include services from IPFS, Sia, Storj among many others.

In addition, Brahma OS will offer developers with a rich SDK interface and privacy API for builders to expand blockchain applications. As the Dopp software program on Brahma OS will become abundant, a centralized Dopp Store marketplace can be mounted within the future to sell the ecological autonomy of Brahma OS via token aid incentives. The look of increasingly more treasured apps like decentralized games will bring the unprecedented cost to developers and customers of Brahma OS.

Brahma OS technical architecture

Brahma OS technical structure is hierarchical. The whole system is decomposed into some of the higher and lower logic layers like Chain, Runtime, Framework. Taking into account compatibility troubles of local Android packages, we separate virtual system to completely isolate the runtime surroundings of Android App and Depp. In this manner, we will boom safety controls of Android App and save your machine crashes.

The cutting-edge status of the improvement paintings on Brahma OS is properly underway. In the development planning, the Brahma crew has detailed milestones for each stage. In the third zone of 2018, the team plans to complete the alternative of the Android centralization service and Brahma OS will connect to the Ethernet network for the primary take a look at customers to function on the device prototype.

In the blockchain international, if the blockchain platform such as Ethereum, NEO, and EOS appear as land, and the networks like Rebol, STEEM, and IPFS as homes of different function, the Brahma OS is a lovely multifunctional district enabled through a decentralized virtual working gadget!

About Brahma OS
Brahma OS is a running gadget that hosts decentralized networks with the aid of enabling the deconstruction of present offerings and using an extensive range of decentralized services and components to make sure that customers can appropriately and without problems access offerings at the blockchain and alertness.

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