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Trump’s violent gaming montage with a heartwarming one


Trump’s violent gaming montage with a heartwarming one


Games for Change have created a heartwarming montage highlighting the beauty of video games to counteract the White House’s violence in videogames video.

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The White House assembly on video game violence befell closing week. It noticed US President Donald Trump assembly with game enterprise representatives and media watchdogs.

However, before the dialogue happened, a clip showcasing some of the violent games became proven.

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In response, non-income organization Games for Change has created a video, titled #GameOn collectively, showing clips which highlight the beauty and marvel of video games. Some of the games included are Horizon Zero Dawn, Life is Strange, Minecraft, Overwatch, Fortnite, Firewatch, and Never Alone.

“After since the White House produced a video depicting video games as extremely-violent, we felt pressured to proportion an extraordinary view of games,” the video description reads. “Video games, their revolutionary creators and the great community of players are so much greater than what’s depicted in the White House’s video. We desired to create our own model, at the equal period, to the assignment the White House’s misdirected blame being placed on video games.

“We urge you to sign up for us in celebrating the multifaceted features of video games: the splendor, creativity, and pleasure that is inherent in this medium. To all you recreation builders and players who create and use video games to hook up with buddies, to loosen up, to share experiences, to find out about new matters, to inspire, to discover the unknown – that is for you.”

Of all of the speeches that you can supply in your lifetime, writing and turning in that eulogy speech for a completely close pal or a departed family member may be the maximum difficult. Not handiest are you requested to talk in front of a crowd, but you also are asked to do that at a time of emotional turmoil and confusion, of utmost grief and loss. Here are a few tips to keep in mind whilst giving that eulogy speech for a departed loved one.

Organize your thoughts and hold your eulogy short and simple. Most eulogy speeches ultimate for about three to five mins. The more you sense the strain of getting to talk for a long-term, the more likely you’re to go round in circles and repeat needless factors. Write your speech down in an outline if possible so you will not pass over out on important components of your speech.

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Many are advised to encompass heartwarming anecdotes approximately the life of the departed. When deciding on an anecdote to consist of to your eulogy, choose one in order to high-quality depict the maximum favored characteristics and most suggested persona of the departed. Also, pick one which nearly absolutely everyone can relate to so you can keep away from having to provide an explanation for all the different needless info within the anecdote.

Be sincere and let your feelings for the departed go with the flow freely. If you experience extreme emotional and destroy into tears right within the center of your eulogy speech, don’t worry. Your audience will maximum likely appreciate your honesty and recognize your sorrow at this moment of grief.

I flew in from abroad (Singapore) to wait for the OROP sammelan of Ex-servicemen at Azad Maidan on 31 October 2015 at Mumbai. I am nicely ensconced, however on the identical time very concerned approximately implementation of OROP (One Rank One Pension). I have a case that haunts me. One of my Squadron Commanders now a ripe vintage 90+ veteran had retired at the age of forty eight. People will remember this became the retirement age of Pilots of the Flying Branch of the Air Force earlier on.

The guy became venerated with a CAS Commendation and logged lots of hours as a pilot, however, these days he lives a hand to mouth life on a pension sanctioned many years again. This is coronary heart-rending that a veteran is forsaken with the aid of his personal country.

The Sammelan (Meeting)

Coming to the sammelan, there has been an excellent turnout. I found there has been a sense of determination and actual anger on the governments most of these years. Speakers spoke with “josh” and General Satbir Singh gave a fiery speech, which went down properly with the site visitors who had come from throughout Maharashtra. It turned into a heartwarming sight and one turned into convinced that Ex-Servicemen were well representing their motive. Slogans lease the air and this enthused the members.

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After paying attention to all the speeches and feedback, I turned into at a loss on one factor. There regarded to be the general disconnect between the serving guys and the ex-servicemen. I had expected most of the serving officers to attend as it was now not a political meeting, however, no person from the serving fraternity became up: it was as if they had been not involved. There is an HQ of the Western Naval Command and umpteen Generals in Mumbai, but no longer one confirmed his face. What does it mean?

Some stray mind: The Black Sheep in our Ranks

I observed that speaker after speaker castigated the “babus”. Yes, the babus (clerks) are accountable, however in a restrained way. Let’s be frank the babus could no longer have a field day if the top hierarchy of the Armed forces led by way of the COAS, CNS, and CAS had now not connived with them. I have many pals inside the IAS fraternity and I am convinced that had the pinnacle brass put their foot down this degradation might not have befallen. However, no speaker appeared to the touch in this component: the enemy within. Even the political leaders had been no longer touched: perhaps there was an inherent worry that they may now not adore it and as such little or no criticism turned into completed of those black sheep. So via ignoring the political leaders and the navy pinnacle brass as culprits, became itself a pointer that the agitation is working like an ostrich.

What Next

What next?. Writing long articles as rebuttals in the national media and protecting those conferences will not carry OROP or the healing of the Armed forces delight, so badly eroded by way of Nehru and celebration considering 1947. What is the street in advance? I am convinced this agitation which has gone on for months will perhaps pass on and the GOI (Government of India) will sanction a diluted OROP. Forget approximately recuperation of the militia popularity because it existed in 1947. The want of the hour is to set course on two foremost factors

a) Involve the serving people on this stir. Unless the serving chiefs positioned their foot down the healing of the 1947 reputation and OROP (One Rank One Pension) will stay a pipe dream

b) All agitations are political and General Satbir (for who I actually have the first rate admire) is not aware how a civil authorities works. It does now not paintings on aware and suitable will but on political clout. Hence now not sharing the political platform is a blunder.

Last Word

These are only some stray thoughts and what I write isn’t always the remaining word in this subject, however, the way I see it the recuperation of the status of 1947 and OROP in classical feel will remain a pipe dream. The authorities have now sanctioned an OROP, but it is riddled with anomalies and the 1947 status of the officials isn’t always restored. I am afraid the COAS ( Chief of Army Staff)and other chiefs of Staff who have now not exerted may also grow to be inside the dustbin of records.

Calvin M. Barker

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