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You Can Fix Your Negative Google, Yelp, And Other Online Reviews — Here’s How


You Can Fix Your Negative Google, Yelp, And Other Online Reviews — Here’s How


Can You Remove Negative Reviews?

As a business owner, your heart likely jumps to your throat when you see a new review has been posted online. We know — most of your reviews are likely good. It only takes a few negative reviews to deter potential customers from patronizing your business.

You can’t remove negative reviews — but you can combat them.

Here, we’ll look at what to do if you’re dealing with negative reviews.

online reputation management for business, you’re a smart business owner. Customer word of mouth is key in keeping your business afloat. Before you frantically search how to remove google review, assess the problem. Reach the customer’s negative review carefully. Do they have a legitimate complaint? If so, address the issue in your business. If there’s a problem with an employee, take appropriate action. If a menu item isn’t up to par, fix it. Before you move forward with addressing the review, it’s key that you find a solution to the problem. Respond to the reviewer, letting them know how you’ve addressed the issue (and don’t forget to apologize). If the reviewer seems just to be having a bad day, that’s a different story. Kindly respond to the review. It’s tough, but you must stay neutral and positive.


negative review removal service, you probably disagree with the review that has been posted. You must respond to negative reviews. Review responses must be written positively and carefully. It’s easy to get snarky with customers. Doing so, however, reflects poorly on your business. Stay professional and positive. It’s smart to reach out both in public and in private. Talking with the customer one on one can give you a better idea of what actually happened.

Get Positive

You probably have close relationships with some of your customers. If they haven’t already done so, ask them to write a review. You’ll need a barrage of positive reviews to offset a negative. Customers who patronize your business regularly will be happy to help. Framing and otherwise showing off positive reviews in your storefront is a great way to encourage more reviews. If you frame a customer’s review, be sure to let them know so they can stop in and see their words in print.

Work With The Pros

You don’t have to try to figure out how to manage negative reviews on your own. It can be tough to remain objective when someone attacks your business. Working with online reputation management experts is a better way to manage negative reviews. Professional review management companies aren’t emotionally attached to your business. This can make them better at taking the high road in the face of negativity. Reach out to a professional reputation management company to take the burden of review management off of your to-do list.

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