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The Sony Xperia XZ Premium Graet Gossip is Sony’s top-of-the-line telephone this 12 months, and it boasts superb hardware and specifications. It hit retailers on June 19, but humans in different components of the world have already gotten their hands at the notably predicted telephone, allowing us to assemble some suggestions and tricks and to take a look around diverse boards to peer what Xperia XZ Premium problems they’ve run into thus far. Of course, Sony’s modern smartphone is going for walks, the cutting-edge version of Android; however, that doesn’t suggest it’s secure from harm and the occasional technical difficulty. Fortunately, we will give you a heads up on what troubles to brace yourself for and how you might take care of them.

Problem: Camera distortion

A couple of threads at the XDA-Developers and Sony Mobile boards have detailed money owed from people who have experienced a peculiar distortion or wavy effect while taking pictures with the cell phone’s digicam. In a few instances, like whilst taking pix of flat items, it’s a touch subtle, but with 3-d items and those, it will become significant sufficient to be trouble.

Potential answers:

A destiny update for the Xperia XZ Premium may type out this particular hassle. You can strive to adjust the digital camera’s consciousness with the aid of going to Settings > More > Touch to regulate > Focus and brightness. (Can only be achieved while digital camera is in Superior auto mode). Try running a diagnostic. While you have got an internet connection, open the digicam and go to the Camera’s settings > More > Help > Camera, Front camera, Flash or Camera button, then follow the steps provided on the screen.

You can carry out a manufacturing unit reset by going to Settings > Backup & Reset > Factory Data Reset > Reset Phone > Erase Everything. Remember to back up first. Alternatively, you may install the Xperia Companion program for PC and use it to backup, restore, replace, and restore your phone. Reach out to Sony Mobile support, as it can be a hardware difficulty you’re not able to deal with. You may be entitled to acquire an alternative smartphone.


Problem: Bluetooth connectivity

Like other smartphones, the Xperia XZ Premium could have troubles with Bluetooth, often problems regarding humans being unable to attach their phones to Bluetooth add-ons. However, thereare a few options and steps that are labored for other people and may fit you.

Potential answers:

Restart your telephone and attempt Bluetooth once more. Turn Bluetooth on and off by going to Settings > Bluetooth and tapping the slider. To unpair, a Bluetooth accessory, visit Settings > Bluetooth > Paired devices, faucet the tools icon after the gadgets you’re related to, and tap Forget. Back up, then carry out a manufacturing unit reset.

Problem: Constantly dropping Wi-Fi connection

Like the Bluetooth trouble above, Xperia XZ Premium proprietors have additionally been losing their Wi-Fi connections. Some lose their connection despite being within a range of their router, at the same time as others have a constant connection. However, they are notified that they’re currently offline.

Potential answers:

As continually, strive a brief cell phone restart. This has been recognized to assist a couple of people within the thread related above. You can turn Wi-Fi off and on once more by going to Settings > Wi-Fi and tapping the slider. This Sony Mobile assist page indicates putting off your shielding phone case, as it can be interfering with the connection. Make certain your phone has precise net settings. You can download modern ones via going to Settings > More > Internet Settings > Accept. Finally, you can attempt setting a new Wi-Fi Sleep Policy as a way to make sure you preserve a connection even when the smartphone is asleep.

You can do this by going to Settings > Wi-Fi, tap the equipment icon, the faucet Keep Wi-Fi on throughout sleep, and choose one of the options shown. Next, boot your phone into Safe Mode to look if your Wi-Fi performs as predicted. If it does, this indicates a third-celebration app is causing your connection issues. To boot into Safe Mode, do the following: Press and maintain the Power Key until the Power off display appears. Next, tap and hold Power Off till you’re given a choice to Reboot into Safe Mode. Tap OK. The cell phone will reboot, and you’ll recognize you’re in Safe Mode when you see the textual content Safe mode inside the bottom left corner. Back up and carry out a manufacturing facility reset.

Annoyance: Unable to Double-tap to Wake phone

Many users have voiced concerns about no longer being capable of double-faucet their telephone’s screen to wake the phone up.

Official answer:

Current models of the Xperia XZ Premium surely do no longer have this unique function. The Xperia Blog notes that it may be introduced in later models or as a part of a future software replacement, and there’s a prolonged thread complete of people hoping for the equal. For the time being, however, people will stay with out it. You can double-tap to turn the display off if you toggle on the option in Settings > Double-tap to sleep.

Issue: Viber not running

Look no further than the Sony Mobile and XDA-Developers forums to examine a couple of debts from people having problems with the Viber app no longer working the way it has to. Some have stated the app will crash or visit a white screen and grow to be unresponsive, whilst others cannot even install it.

Potential answers:

Restart your smartphone and try the usage of the app once more.
If there’s an update available for Viber, keep in mind applying the update. The app was remaining updated on June 13 to model 6.9.5.
If the app is already on your telephone, but not running, uninstall it and install it once more.
If the app freezes in the course of use or startup, you could pressure near it with the aid of going to Settings > Apps > Viber > Force Stop > OK.
Go to Settings > Apps > Viber > Storage > Clear Data, then restart your telephone.
Go to Settings > Apps > Viber > Storage > Clear Cache > OK.
A few humans have stated that the previous version of the app work excellent. Go to Settings > Apps > Viber, faucet the three vertical dots icon, then tap Uninstall updates > OK. Alternatively, you can download the preceding versions of the app here.

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