Monday, September 28, 2020
Best Portable Vaporizer For A Typical Soccer Mom

All around the globe every year more and more governments, from states to nations, are considering decriminalization or legalization of marijuana. This is especially true for medicinal use of the plant, whether it be smoking it, eating it, or vaporizing it for relief from a whole wide range of symptoms. If you’re what a lot of people might consider to be a ‘soccer mom’ and you’re afraid some members of your community will look down on you for trying this alternative medicine, this article’s here to tell you about a couple of the best portable vaporizers you might consider buying in your situation.
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Firefly 2

    This is the most pricey item on this list but it’s entirely worth it because of the advanced technology it utilizes. Besides all the technical specifications of it and how well it performs, it has the appearance of something you could easily pretend is a hard drive, or some other sort of medical device. It would surely not draw much attention, and it heats up in a quick five seconds. You can accurately adjust the temperature to whatever you want, and all of the parts on the inside are top quality and ensure that you can enjoy the purest and tastiest vapor. If it fits your budget, this is the simplest to use and highest performing, stealthiest, and is definitely among the best portable vaporizers on the market.

Puff It 2

    This is the best portable vaporizer for someone who absolutely can never let anyone know of their condition and choice of medication. You won’t get the most satisfying or smooth vapor, and you can’t fine tune your temperature outside of three settings unlike the Firefly 2, but the kicker about this vape is the look of it. It resembles an asthma pump exactly. Nobody could possibly figure out that it isn’t an asthma pump unless they came up to you, grabbed it themselves and opened it up to see what’s inside of it. You can’t even really smell it while its closed if you empty out the chamber after use.

These two examples are essentially the two ends of the budget spectrum but there are a ton of other companies with their own versions of stealthy vaporizers. There are also discreet vape pens for concentrates if you’re interested in getting really modern.