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Theming Views in Drupal 8 – Custom Style Plugins


Theming Views in Drupal 8 – Custom Style Plugins


Views are in Drupal eight center. We all recognize that using now. Twig is the new templating engine in Drupal eight. This we additionally recognize. But can we understand how to interact programmatically with the first to theme a View the use of the second? Aside from overriding View templates like with some other subsystems, we’ve got to have a more effective alternative within the shape of Views plugins (Display, Style, Row, and Field).

In this text, we will have a look at how we will create a custom Style plugin for Views in Drupal eight. We will use the Bootstrap tab markup as a goal and force a tabbed output for our View consequences. In the View configuration, the Style settings will permit us to specify which subject can be used because the tab navigation copy, leaving the relaxation of the fields shown inside the respective tab panes. Basically, each View result will constitute a tab, so this situation isn’t suitable for Views with various consequences. The major goal is to illustrate how we can create our own Views Style plugins in Drupal eight.

We will not cowl the info on how you could use Bootstrap for your project. However, you could test out the documentation page on the property or maybe this article to make sure nameless users can advantage from jQuery being loaded on the page. And if you want to peer the code we write ahead of time, you can find it in this repository within the Demo module.


What Is the Style Plugin?

The Views Style plugin is the one answerable for rendering the listing. Notable examples of core Style plugins are Unformatted List, HTML List, Table, or Grid. The Display plugin uses them, and that they in turn use Row plugins that constitute one object in the list. In Drupal eight, all Views plugin kinds are built using the new Plugin gadget and proportion a few common functionalities (they always make bigger from the same Views PluginBase). Let’s now create our personal Style plugin that may be utilized by most Display types (Page, Block, and so on) and which uses the Field row plugin.

The Drupal plugin type we’re developing is ViewsStyle, with a few primary configurations surpassed in the annotation. Leaving aside the plain ones, we’ve got the topic and display_types keys that are well worth mentioning. The first declares which subject matter feature this Style plugin will use to render its facts whilst the second one declares which kinds of Display plugins this Style may be utilized by (in our case, all Display sorts which don’t otherwise specify a custom type: ordinary). For extra information on all the to be had annotation configurations for this plugin kind, test out the DrupalviewsAnnotationViewsStyle annotation magnificence.


Using the 2 elegance properties, we declare that our Style uses row plugins but does not permit grouping. Make positive you take a look at the determined training to analyze extra approximately what different options can be precise like this. For instance, the magnificence we are extending already declares that Views fields can be used with the Style plugin. As referred to earlier than the usage of the 2 methods, we create a plugin choice and form element so that you can specify which area must act as the tab navigation. Using the present-day show handler ($this->displayHandler), we can load up all the available View fields the site builder has brought to it. And this new form detail may be to be had in the Style settings shape:

Since we’re extending from the StylePluginBase class, there may not be anything more we want to do. We can rely on the demo_bootstrap_tabs subject matter for the markup output, which gets the relevant variables from the finished View. We will override any of the render strategies and upload more variables, alternate the subject, or something we need. We are proper with the defaults, especially when you consider that we can put in force a preprocessor to address the variables that the template receives.

The Style plugin passes the $view object and the resulting $rows via default to the template. Thus, it is up to the preprocessor to do a piece of dealing with these variables (if needed) earlier than they’re sent to the template:

So what’s happening right here? First, we look at the Style plugin alternatives for the sector call for use (the one that became selected when configuring the View). If one isn’t always there, we go back, but no longer earlier than doing a bit of default preprocessing that the template_preprocess_views_view_unformatted characteristic already does well. So we delegate to it. Then, we loop thru the Views outcomes and build an array of content for our tab navigation. For this, we use the default Views views_view_field subject matter function to render the chosen field. Finally, we pass this array to the template and also run the default preprocessor of the unformatted listing style.

The Template

In Drupal eight, there aren’t any more theme capabilities; the entirety is now handled in Twig templates. So permit’s see how the demo-bootstrap-tabs.Html.Twig document looks like in our module’s templates folder: Whether you’re a seasoned net marketer or just a regular blogger, you of absolutely everyone will understand this merciless fact:

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