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General Hospital aiming for higher great certification

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General Hospital aiming for higher great certification


The District General Hospital is aspiring for a better excellent tag of the National Quality Assurance Standards (NQAS) after maintaining the best certification from the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers (NABH) for three consecutive phrases. The new requirements are to make the certain quality of techniques in the delivery of carrier. The standards have been tougher because the depth of great became measured, said A. Anitha, superintendent of the General Hospital. Since the health facility turned into already authorized for first-rate through NABH standards, it helped to go for a higher grade, she brought.

The clinic has already passed through inspections for NQAS and is looking forward to outcomes that could take a few months. The NQAS tag comes with financial incentives too. For a district-level health facility, ₹15,000 according to mattress can be furnished annually for 3 years. The fact that NABH had furnished the personnel at GH with a bigger concept of satisfactory carrier definitely helped orient human beings working within the hospital at all levels said, Dr. Anitha.

The large regions of the subject under NQAS are – provider provision, patient rights, inputs, support offerings, clinical care, contamination control, satisfactory management, and outcome. The standards meet global benchmarks in terms of comprehensiveness, objectivity, evidence, and rigor of improvement.

NQAS standards

The NQAS were advanced in keeping with the particular necessities for public fitness facilities and worldwide satisfactory practices. Standards are available for district hospitals, network fitness centers, primary fitness centers (PHCs), and urban PHCs. Quality certification programs for public fitness facilities had been brought in to realize correct centers and improve the credibility of public hospitals in the network.

Even though the GH has been retaining excellent services, the human resources to deliver the offerings are being stretched inside the massive medical institution, which has nearly 700 purposeful beds. The general quantity of sanctioned beds in the hospital is 783. However, quite some buildings are old and unusable.


The Pandappilly Community Health Centre (CHC) inside the district is the first health facility in the State to get NQAS certification. The health center changed into awarded the certification from amongst hospitals that had were given 70% marks for all parameters they were assessed for. The exams were held in three phases. As a result of the certification, the CHC is eligible for ₹10,000 in keeping with the mattress annually.

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