Tuesday, October 27, 2020
Internet Feasts on Awkward Moment Between Trump and Tillerson

When information broke Tuesday morning that Rex Tillerson’s salad days at the White House had been over, that became most effective the tip of the iceberg — or, in this case, the romaine.

A fresh detail on the awkward and strained courting among President Trump and the secretary of the nation he fired Tuesday in a wonder tweet includes the Wall Street Journal’s scoop that Trump once compelled Tillerson to eat a wilted Caesar salad.

The moment came as the 2 men have been dining in China’s Great Hall of the People in November amid Trump’s 5-united states tour of Asia.

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After they and other U.S. Officials have been served wilted Caesar salads, Trump started to worry the untouched plates might offend the Chinese, people acquainted with the problem advised the Journal.

So Trump ordered his secretary of a kingdom: “Rex, eat the salad.”

Tillerson laughed off the commentary, however, the Journal referred to that it served to highlight the routine tensions between the two guys.

The Journal‘s Michael Bender summed up: “When their Chinese hosts served wilted Caesar salad, Trump tried to store his own embarrassment by humiliating his secretary of the country.

The net quickly seized at the anecdote, and embraced “Rex, devour the salad” as a “new catchphrase for the Trump generation.”

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“I truly wish ‘Rex, consume the salad’ does not wander away in the extremely good pantheon of Trump presidency moments,” joked one Twitter person.

” ‘Rex, consume the salad’ is the brand new ‘It’s the financial system, stupid,’ ” said another.

And one tweeter observed personal notion within the quote, writing: ” ‘Rex, eat the salad’ is my new go-to word for taking over any unwanted activity.”

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