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Mobile Devices Help Dealership Service Advisers

Mobile Devices

Mobile Devices Help Dealership Service Advisers


Great technology-enhanced experiences surround today’s consumers. So dealers need to connect with customers and deliver a more robust technology-enhanced experience. We need to look beyond the walls of the dealership to understand what consumers like and expect. In fixed operations, this probably is even more important, as customers see the service side of the business more often than the sales side. Yet, perhaps more than anywhere else in the dealership, the fixed-ops experience is where today’s technology may fall short. Too often, when a customer wants to have the undivided attention of service advisers, their attention is stuck looking at a computer on a desk, typing in data, and reading back to the customer what is on the screen.

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These impersonal interactions lead to missed opportunities for customers and can impact satisfaction and retention. For years, the industry has been looking for a better way to work with customers at this point in the process. Fortunately, the introduction and progress of mobile devices over the past decade now enables a mobile-device-equipped service adviser.

Now, instead of being inside a cubicle or stuck in front of a computer, service advisers can meet their customers in their vehicles with a computer tablet. They can quickly complete a walk-around and converse with customers about what services their cars need while also showing them on-screen recommendations.

This growing use of tablets at dealerships improves the customer experience and the customer’s relationship with the dealership. Using tablets to interact with customers allows instant access to every car’s service history. Previous recommendations provide quick check-in and check-out and add transparency to cost estimates. Using customer engagement tools to provide updates on vehicles, including text messages, status updates, and in-lane and online payments, can provide an efficient and more satisfying customer experience.

Mobile Devices

An example of how quickly customer perceptions and experiences can change at a dealership can be seen at Premier Volvo Cars in Overland Park, KS. It began a pilot program in 2017 that allows for easy service write-ups on tablets. This has made the walk-around process more accurate and enables the team to record customer questions and vehicle history in real-time.

Car check-ins have sped up considerably, solving a key customer concern of waiting at the dealership. Service reps now can seamlessly integrate vehicle details from the tablet to the dealership-management system and other systems. As a result, customers become more involved and educated in the process, and they don’t feel the time is wasted in the check-in process.

Employees now meet customers with tablets in hand right when they arrive in the service lane. It completely changes the customer-service dynamic. Because it is an integrated experience, employees can see online appointment information, know why each customer is there and greet them by name. Customers appreciate this.

“When you change from greeting customers with a hat tag and walking them to a desk, to now greeting them with a tablet in your hand, customers think that’s really cool,” says Mike Stone, service manager at Premier Volvo. “There is a cliche in the industry of service managers staring at the computer creating a barrier between you and the customer,” Stone says. “Used correctly, technology removes that barrier and allows you to engage with customers and involve them in the write-up process.”

Times have changed. Using a great technology-enhanced experience builds loyalty in an age when everything centers on the customer. Almost all individuals face financial issues that could affect their monetary balance and destiny. It receives even worse if you want to deal with numerous issues that could affect the economic fame of your commercial enterprise. Luckily, there are now ways to deal with these issues effortlessly. And, this is with the aid of working with a financial adviser. With those professionals in financing, you can easily deal with all your monetary issues, considering that they offer numerous services. Below are a number of the subsequent.

Retirement Planning

One of the quality services a monetary adviser can provide is retirement planning. After years of running, retirement is the time whilst individuals can revel in their lifestyles. But, there are cases while individuals cannot create a great retirement because they cannot manage financial problems properly. Luckily, economic advisers can offer you a dependable retirement plan that may match your needs from touring, investing, and even keeping your lifestyle.

Tax Advice Services

Managing taxes can be a massive undertaking people want to do annually that may consume the maximum of it slow. Moreover, this venture can be even harder if you need to cope with commercial enterprise taxes. Eventually, monetary advisers provide tax recommendation offerings to guide you through the whole system. In addition, specialists also can assist you in making sure that you get the most out of your tax returns.


There are a few instances while people want a huge amount of money to suit their wishes, from shopping for a residence or a vehicle as much as investing in belongings as much as funding the educational desires of kids. And, the excellent choice to fit your needs is to apply for a loan. However, using a loan can sometimes be daunting since you need to bypass all the necessities wanted. But, if you want to have better loan options, it’s miles fine to paintings with economic advisers.


Another brilliant provider economic advisers offer that can help improve your financial popularity is coverage services. These offerings are vital to protecting your financial future in opposition to sudden activities. With the help of advisers, individuals can make certain that they could organize a cost-efficient coverage this is tailored to their wishes.

Investment Advice

Finally, economic advisers also can provide you with funding advice services. These services are important to have a solid economic funding plan that will help you ease your future.

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