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Mobile Phones for Maternal Health in Rural Bihar


Mobile Phones for Maternal Health in Rural Bihar


Health programs which are the usage of cellular telephones to enhance maternal health in rural India are examined. Presented by way of its promoters as a normal, available, and “clever” empowering technology, how cell devices transform gender inequalities on the ground is analyzed. Using empirical information amassed on a global mHealth program deployed in Bihar, how mHealth gadgets negate the multifactorial size of gender and health inequalities is explained, and how those gadgets can toughen inequalities at the ground is tested.

Mobile telephones have become an essential component of our busy existence; one nearly feels incomplete without a cell phone nowadays. There has become a time whilst humans had been used to landlines and dreaded cellular telephones due to excessive name prices. But nowadays, existence is nearly inconceivable without these tiny boxes.

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Mobile telephones at the moment are without problems lower-priced, and the charge we must pay is negligible in comparison to the blessings we derive. However, the query, whether cellular telephones are higher than landlines is always controversial trouble. The primary benefit of mobile phones over landlines is ‘mobility. The former makes the working pretty easy as one could talk from everywhere at any time!

The advent of mobile phones has included many other benefits; spot name-making facility has made lifestyles a great deal less complicated than earlier. In addition, personal safety, wellknown convenience, and particularly, staying linked with near and dear ones round-the-clock have made these accessories something to die for.

Mobile Phones

Landlines in no manner can compete with the functions offered via handhelds. On the contrary, they have simplified things and reduced the sector’s size right into an international village. No two people are apart when they bring about a mobile telephone in their wallet. They are light in weight, transportable, connectable to the internet, and convey numerous functions that make existence less complicated and higher.

A cellular handset is equivalent to an eye, calculator, organizer, notepad, digicam, MP3 Player, and other media gadgets like an alarm clock, phone index, and principally, a wireless phone with boundless range and connectivity. For many human beings, cell cellphone accessories are as essential as the cell phone itself. Honestly, we can’t blame them; in fact, cell telephone add-ons are irreplaceable. A cellphone without accessories is simply missing something.

There are two one-of-a-kind types of add-ons, a type that a cellular smartphone cannot characteristic without, and the opposite form of add-ons that aren’t essential but essential. A cell phone can not change characteristics without a battery and a charger. While it nonetheless can do without headphones, automobile chargers, defensive cases, and different types of non-critical mobile cellphone add-ons. Overall, accessories can make your telephone a good deal effective, entertaining, smooth to use, and functional.

Accessories also depend on the form of the phone; phone manufacturers at the moment are racing time to provide massive stacks of accessories for their customers if you want to make their smartphones extra worried in their lives than every time before.

Here is a list of the maximum broadly used mobile telephone accessories:


Probably the most broadly used accent inside the records of cellular telephones. It simply makes it less complicated to use your telephone, especially for individuals who talk an excessive amount on their phones. You don’t need to maintain your smartphone in your ears for an hour or, a headset will do the work for you. Also, being attentive to music hasn’t been any simpler. There are such a lot of kinds of headphones that offer the best sound nice and ear safety.

Bluetooth Headset

Well, the headphones had a worrying flaw, the twine. It has constantly been worrying mainly to tall folks; they want a taller wire or area their phones in a higher position. Bluetooth headsets solved the hassle. Now, you may nonetheless be speaking on your smartphone without even carrying it around. Taller humans can experience awesome and relief. Most importantly, car drivers can now communicate on their telephones without the want to be on the car’s loudspeaker or the loopy choice of wearing headphones whilst using. One extra thing, the fashionable look it offers you.

Car Chargers

One of the most crucial accessories any traveler makes certain it’s proper there. Sometimes, or can always be, your battery fails you. Being of such extraordinary importance, vehicle chargers have constantly been an important piece of accessory that incorporates almost any phone.

USB Cables

They are essential nowadays. They are vital to attach your smartphone to the laptop. They are used for charging, transferring information, software program set up and upkeep, and many extra critical uses.

Phone Cases

A smartphone case is a completely essential accent, especially for individuals who tend to be much less careful with their phones. They can shield your smartphone efficiently from most of the daily conditions that may break or damage it. A protecting case and display are exactly sufficient to offer 99% protection in your cell phone.

Power Banks

The want for strength banks is increasing these days. Smartphone has continually had disappointing batteries. In fact, a telephone without overwhelming battery problems has come to be a dream for the general public. Phone corporations are looking to do their great to resolve this matter; however, evidently, the generation continues to be a chunk restrained. Ideally, electricity banks offer a temporary solution to this problem. If you are out of your own home and now not for your automobile, you can use a strong financial institution to re-price your cellphone.

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