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NIIT helps ICT trainer who drew pc interface on board


NIIT helps ICT trainer who drew pc interface on board


The ingenuity of an ICT trainer who, in the absence of a laptop, attracts the contemporary conversation device on a blackboard for lessons is attracting help, as NIIT is going to the college’s resource. NIIT, aN records era training institution, is set to donate some computers and add-ons, IT textbooks, among others, to the college. The viral photographs of 34-12 months-old Richard Akoto Appiah – referred to as Owura Kwadwo Hottish on Facebook – teaching ICT with a cartoon of Microsoft Word interface at the blackboard has kickstarted support to the Pretense M/A JHS inside the Ashanti Region.

He says the tool’s comic strip helps the students have a pictorial concept of a pc, though they have by no means visible one. Owura Kwadwo ‘Hottish’ Akoto spends, as a minimum, 15 of the 70-minute lesson duration to caricature this Microsoft Word software program. It is one of the equipment he has been the usage to educate students for the beyond six years he has been in this activity.

“I wanted them to have a photo of everything [Microsoft Word interface] because there’s no computer here. So I determined to adopt this drawing aspect so that they may realize whilst you are from this step, you move to the following degree,” he said. We also encourage his college students to attract laptops in their notebooks, though many find it tough to do so. 13-yr-antique Emmanuel Baffoe says the closest he has come into contact with a computer is a discarded one on refuse sell-off at some stage in a vacation journey to Kumasi. “Computer looks like TV, and the mouse seems like stone,” he says as he tries an outline of a laptop.

Owura Kwadwo says the absence of a laptop makes the teaching and gaining knowledge of-of ICT a difficult challenge for him and his students. “It may be tough because, at the give up of the day, they are alleged to be sitting behind the computer. But, to have the experience of the gadget and notice how once they release the program, it would seem on the computer,” he stated.

Besides the absence of computer systems for over a hundred students, there are no ICT textbooks. Owura Akoto, as an instructor, is the most effective one that gets the supply of the requisite books. This scenario is commonplace with nearly all the ten fundamental faculties in Sekyeredumasi Township. Despite the critical gap, Owura Akoto is usually glad to look at many of his college students who carry out well in ICT on the Basic Education Certificate Examinations.


Ejura-Sekyeredumasi Municipality crowned the 2017 BECE league table in the Ashanti Region, coming among the five satisfactory five nationals. Though the Municipal Assembly says, it spends plenty on training, little or no assist is going to ICT improvement. Chief Executive of Ejura-Sekyeredumasi, Mohammed Salisu Bamba, says the assembly is endorsed with the aid of the instructor’s innovation to invest greater in ICT training.

“If you ask me whether or not we’ve got sufficient resources, I will say no; we don’t. As Chief Executive, I have not provided computer systems to any school yet, and my predecessors have also no longer achieved a lot. “In the future, we should flow our interest from the normal provision of school blocks and furniture to also providing computer systems to the look at of ICT,” he explained. When we’re speaking about putting in place the IP smartphone PBX gadget in our domestic, the first thing that involves our thoughts is wherein or the way to start. Here, we will speak in a clean way to turn your private home PC into a fully-fledged IP smartphone PBX. Let us first understand what this generation truly is.

Installation of the use of the antique approach:

The antique method of installing the asterisk become one of the maximum lousy approaches to install the IP telephone. Using CLI (command-line interface) based totally interface to do whatever isn’t any greater a preference, and while we are speaking about Linux, that will become even more painful. This is the unmarried biggest reason why people now think about installing asterisk in their homes, not anything quick of a nightmare. When this CLI-based totally Linux setup became performed, it took many dark twists and turned on the quiet of the day. First, there were essential leasing matters. For a layman, the first one turned into remembering all those instructions and executing them at the proper time. Secondly, you may need to install an asterisk for installing Linux one after the other, which becomes nothing brief of climbing Mount Everest.

GUI Based Asterisk:

Now, customers ought not to wrestle with the text-primarily based command prompt. New programs have covered the entirety in just one CD, and also, you don’t need to put in unique software packages in bits and portions.

A GUI-based Linux software program solves 1/2 the worries associated with remembering all of the Linux CLI instructions. First, now everyday human beings like you and me can relate to what’s happening on the screen. Secondly, asterisk’s new GUI-based version similarly makes things clean for the users.

They could make all the adjustments in asterisk thru the photograph consumer interface instead of using the command-line interface. Many GUI primarily based asterisk are available, and the maximum is open supply like AsteriskNow, Flash in a PBX, and many others.

All these adjustments have now not most effectively made the setup manner much less complicated but also decreased the useless headaches that everyday people had to go through earlier. We talked about a vain PC on which asterisk paintings. We will still observe the minimal requirements for the laptop that can be used for this motive.

– You want a PC. This is x86 with Linux GUI-based operating device established on it.
– The PC should be a minimum Pentium III with 500 MHz of processor.
– There should be one PCI slot available.
– You must have Digium TDM-400P that helps 2 X FXO daughter playing cards and 2 X FXS daughter playing cards.
– Your PC must have a sound card hooked up and working in the ideal situation.

Assuming that you have already got a Linux running system mounted on your PC, we can proceed with the Trixbox setup as that is one of the maximum common GUI-based asterisks in use.

Installing asterisk in your PC the use of Trixbox

Once you attain the console, log in using those details.

Username: root
Password: The one you supplied at the time of installation

Once you have successfully logged into your machine, your device will mention the DHCP server obtained IP deal with. Now you want to give your gadget an everlasting address which you may do with the aid of two ways, both via the GUI or via system-config-network.

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