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Trending Ways to Use Color in Web Design

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Trending Ways to Use Color in Web Design


Color is a staple design detail we see everywhere in our lives, consisting of on each internet site we go to or app we use. Right now, you see the colors of Designmodo. If you’re studying this newsletter on a “examine it later” sort of app, you see the colors of that app. No brainer. The element is, every year, we see lots of design fashion predictions, and they in no way fail to consist of coloration.

Over time, designers have used color greater boldly and greater strategically. Sometimes it’s miles used to provide a selected element extra attention, now and then to inform a higher story and now and again to enhance the emblem experience.

Let’s speak approximately a number of the one’s examples.

Create a Strong Background

A few years again, there has been a wonderful trend of bold backgrounds. I nevertheless see examples like that today. A colorful and effective background can be a good flow to present hobbies to a particular section in an awesome design. Whatever your opinion on developments, maybe, we can agree that an amazing background shade can assist a segment to stand out once finished well.

Let’s begin with Root Studio and how the layout uses a yellow heritage to spotlight its case. Take a look at approximately the Chester Zoo. The yellow heritage enables to set the tone for the case study. In addition to the minimalist design fashion, the background color is a vital layout element. Not all of their case studies use colorful colors like the Chester Zoo yellow, and that’s okay – you don’t must use a colorful hue to make something stand out. This layout wouldn’t show paintings so well if the case looks at sections that weren’t minimalistic.

Next is Mambo Mambo, which uses color to focus on exclusive sections of the portfolio as nicely. Some sections are neon yellow, deep blue, and even black. In the screenshot, you can see that neon yellow is paired with greens, blues, black, pores, and skin tones; they work in Concord. In this complete page, it’s the history hues that assist make these sections particular and exciting. It’s also precise branding for the organization.

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Make a Statement

In other instances, color can be used to make an ambitious assertion. Let’s begin with the Uber sign language landing web page. The orange gradient heritage actually catches your attention. This is a terrific design approach because the web page’s motive is to train human beings’ fundamental signal language based on visible cues. Next is Kick push layout studio portfolio. As you study the reproduction, observe they have got an exceptional form of persona. Kick push desires to show they’re exclusive and the selected color scheme facilitates do this. It is useful and makes a brief visual assertion. This is also a great instance of branding that we’ll communicate about later.

Tell a Better Story

Color is a fantastic asset in helping to tell a tale. A proper example of that is the house page of Bloom. They use the same nearly-electric-powered blue at some stage in the design. Blue is used to assist the user scroll from the header to the footer and different visual elements. If all distinctive sections had a extraordinary principal coloration on this waft, the storytelling might be broken.

I can say the precise identical thing for Adobe’s Marketing Cloud touchdown web page. It’s a large page with massive sections. Each segment has its personal shade scheme. Colors differ from mild blue on the top to hearth engine red to darkish crimson. It’s no longer just the solid UI shade either; the pictures go with each coloration properly. Because this is the sort of lengthy web page, shade allows tells the tale of every phase.

Create Bursts of Interest and Add Personality

Sometimes color is used in particular to add interest to a layout. Large and bold shades don’t usually need to be the front and middle in a design for the color to be used effectively. For instance, Designmodo’s very own Cards touchdown web page uses all forms of little color bursts. It makes the touchdown web page more exceptional to look at and engage with while not having the brilliant crimson heritage or whatever else might be considered over the top. As long as it’s strategic, using bursts of color can be a good tool.

Improve Branding for Your Product or Company

I’ve saved my favorite use of color for ultimate. I adore it, whilst color is significantly used in branding. I don’t only mean just one hue or coloration set like for Kick push or Bloom. Many of us have followed Asana’s redesign, where they carried out numerous coloration gradients as a part of their new identity. In some sections of the internet site, the shade is heavily used whilst others no longer a lot; it’s a balance. The colors are vibrant and distinct. The hues paintings nicely collectively, too. Now, Asana’s most recent branding is vibrant and colorful. Asana is now shiny red, orange, and purple. The color method seems to be a key in Asana’s brand positioning.

The equal issue may be stated for Stripe, which is probably a massive trendsetter in this kind of color use. They use gradients between neighboring hues like blue and inexperienced. The branding is mostly blue; however, the designs don’t shy from green, purple, pink, or orange. Color alternatives work collectively and make impactful branding for Stripe. The last instance is the internet site for Goulburn Valley. Their branding makes use of barely unusual colorations. Yet, the design is excellent.

The touchdown web page uses the equal logo colorings within the screenshot for the duration of all the images. Green with suggestions of orange. It’s amazing to see that the colors weren’t simply essential for UI elements. The complete landing web page flows well thanks to the coordination of colors inside the snapshots.

We see the extra strategic use of coloration on websites, whether to create higher branding like Asana or make a bold declaration with a shiny pink background to make sure human beings understand you’re special, like Kick Push. Above all, shade allows result in personality and, maximum extensively, brand identity. The use of color in internet design will get better and stronger as designers grow even when internet layout traits change.

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