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WordPress Backup Solutions – Plugin, Set-Up and Forget


WordPress Backup Solutions – Plugin, Set-Up and Forget


WordPress Backup Solutions – Plugin, Set-up, and Forget

Site backup is not the sexiest online business subject matter. Wouldn’t you instead examine approximately smart income methods or cool plugins that assist boom visitors? But, the reality is you could, because of no fault of your own and without caution, lose your entire or a number of your WordPress website online. And if that takes place, you have the most effective alternatives: begin over or reinstall the entirety from your backups.

Starting Over? Not If I Can Help It!

Clearly, beginning over is the least perfect choice. Who wants to reconfigure their theme, rewrite all the content material, and re-paintings different functions, like adding income pages and photographs? You’ve poured a whole lot of time, effort, and cash into your website online; you don’t want to start over. And you oughtn’t to.

Backup For fewer Worries

Many WordPress plugins exist that will help you back up with little attempt. So, why put it off for a wet day? It’s truly very clean. Find the right backup plugin, deploy, do a one-time set-up, and neglect it. You are then worry-unfastened and equipped to move on to the extra tempting facet of commercial enterprise...Making money.

Three Easy WordPress Backup Tools

When it comes to backing up your WordPress website, you need to consider both:

your website’s documents incorporate your login, issues, connection to the database, media uploads, and extra. Your website online’s a database, which incorporates all of the content material you labored so tough to create. Meanwhile, now not all backup plugins are the same. Some backup both files and databases, even as others only do one of them. However, below are three outstanding solutions that cope with both for you.

EZPZ One Click Back-Up:

EZPZ OCB is a great unfastened WP plugin that notably doesn’t get lots of insurance. It requires Linux servers and PHP5 or better to run (test with your host provider), which includes maximum main host vendors. I use it with HostGator and am very pleased with the results. Once you put in and prompt this plugin, you enter your settings along with scheduling backup instances and receiving emails upon backup crowning glory, click on update, and you are exact to head. You’ve computerized the technique. If vital, you may additionally backup on call for.


One component to don’t forget, it keeps the handiest one backup in your website’s server at a time. So, I use an FTP client to switch the zipped folder to my difficult pressure, where it receives backed up another time via my normal PC backup. This way, I can shop a couple of back-u. S.A.And no longer need to depend upon my website’s server (which, in instances, might be the supply of your issues).

EZPZ additionally gives a choice to have your backups uploaded to a Dropbox file storage account, wherein you may hold a couple of at a time for only a few greenbacks. Thus, if you ever want to restore your files, EZPZ has an easy-step method. This tremendous plugin has other useful functions as properly. Visit their website or the WordPress plugin listing for more info.

MyRepono WordPress Backup Plugin:

Here’s some other outstanding option that, in my opinion, isn’t always receiving the recognition it merits. This plugin offers a few specific features not normally found with other fairly and clean-to-use solutions. First of all, it works properly with 99% of web servers and web hosting businesses because it runs on Linux, Unix, and Windows. Second, this provider mechanically stores your backups in a separate online garage account, which is most suitable for keeping them on your server or through tough pressure. There is a fee. However, it is negligible, being that the files are compressed and occupy little or no area.

My web page, for instance, expenses me underneath $0.80 monthly. To make it even greater low cost, MyRepono offers you a $5 credit to begin you off, which can assist offset expenses for many months. MyRepono gives any other specific function, so one can thrill individuals who own a couple of websites. Backups for all your websites may be monitored and managed from one control panel, as opposed to every website having to be treated, in my view, saving you a whole lot of time.

To get started, all you need to do is sign-up on with MyRepono, then install and prompt the plugin out of your WordPress website. Next, you put up your backup agenda, which you access from your Dashboard. After that, your work is carried out. From that point on, whenever you’re in WordPress, a small reputation box will appear at the top proper corner of your display screen to indicate your ultimate backup. Instant backups, alternatively, are finished with one click on from your account at the MyRepono internet site. If you need to repair, MyRepono does a maximum of the give you the results you want. It’s a dependency of some clicks, and it is performed.

Automatic WordPress Backup Plugin:

The automatic WordPress Backup (AWB) plugin virtually hogs the limelight. WordPress users propose it regularly, likely because it’s been around for a while and does a brilliant task. This alternative is a go-between EZPZ and MyRepono. Like EZPZ, it requires Linux and PHP5; it works properly with most big host vendors. Like MyRepono, AWB stores the backups on Amazon S3, a web garage service, for some cents a day. You can automate backups as well as run backups on demand.

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