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5 Fun Ways to Amplify Your Social Media Campaign


5 Fun Ways to Amplify Your Social Media Campaign


If you want to level up your marketing in 2022, now is the time to boost your social channels. A complete 54% of all social media users now actively use social media to research new products, meaning that you cannot afford to ignore them. Of course, running a successful social media campaign is easier said than done.

Even the most talented social media marketing experts have experienced a dud campaign before, where vast effort and money lead to disappointing results. If you need to give your social media campaign a shot in the arm in 2022, here are five fun, easy, and low-resource ways to do precisely that.

Social Media1. Experiment with Emerging Platforms

2021 was the year where more brands than ever made inroads into the likes of Tik Tok and Clubhouse, often with awe-inspiring results. If you can tap into emerging platforms in 2022 and make an impression before your competitors do, you could carve out a precious niche with lasting benefits. Keep your eye on new and emerging platforms that could set your social media posts apart in the new year.

2. Meme It Up

When in doubt, try a meme. Memes are a straightforward and effective way for your brand promotion to piggyback on white-hot trends and reach the audiences that count. You do not have to do a lot here. Find a free meme template that has up-to-date content for the current moment, and incorporate a funny (ideally self-deprecating) message about your brand into it. Many brand memes have gone on to be the hottest posts of the year, so don’t shy away from this tactic.

3. Get the Audience Involved

User-generated content continues to be one of the most effective ways to create more effective social media advertising and boost engagement long-term. There are many things you can do here. Encourage users to create a meme around your brand themselves. Go on IG live and encourage honest conversations. The list goes on.

4. Give a Little Something Back

These days, you should not expect your target audience to engage with your channels for nothing. If you need to boost brand awareness and broaden your reach, you will need to sweeten the deal. A giveaway is a very effective way to do this. Encourage users to like and share your posts to enter into a too-sweet-to-refuse giveaway raffle of your products. This nearly always works like a charm.

5. Collaborate

Don’t consider all other brands operating in your space as competitors. One of the most valuable ways to engage your target audience quickly is to collaborate with a brand that has already made inroads in that market. Consider running a joint campaign with another brand or developing a product together. This is a mutually beneficial arrangement that will boost any social media campaign.

More Tips for Running the Perfect Social Media Campaign

We have got you covered if you want more tips for running the perfect social media campaign. Make sure to check out our dedicated SEO guides to find out how your posts can always reach your intended audience.

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