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The biggest car producer in Latin America

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The biggest car producer in Latin America


Mexico registered a brand new record in car manufacturing once more during February. With more than 600,000 units inside the first two months of the 12 months, it handed Brazil as the most important vehicle assembler in Latin America, despite Brazil’s slight healing. In February 2018, a total of 328 thousand gadgets were manufactured in Mexican vehicle assembling plants, a growth of 6.2 percentage over the equal month ultimate year that is justified within the double-digit increase of exports (275 thousand motors, 11.2 percentage extra).

Domestic income went down with the aid of 7.2 percentage. However, this has not prompted Mexico’s car manufacturing’s report degree, keeping with the Mexican Association of the Automotive Industry (AMIA). The AMIA, which represents the main agencies inside the quarter, revised its figures for 2017 and stated that the remaining year the “export of mild cars surpassed the exceptional historical levels for any year,” with 3.2 million gadgets.

Data from the Mexican automobile area shows that the country will repeatedly finish the year because the chief in Latin America in production, even though in Brazil, in which the economic system grew in 2017 for the first time after years of recession, they begin to feel see improvements. In February, 213,000 gadgets have been produced, 6.2 percentage greater than the same month’s final 12 months. To date these 12 months, the Brazilian factories have already hooked up 431 thousand gadgets, 15 percent greater than the year-on-year comparison.

Sales also point to a mild development, with a boom of 19 percent within the first two months, but its miles nevertheless not sufficient to rebuild a strategic financial region that has misplaced hundreds of jobs for the reason that 2014. The National Association of Automotive Vehicle Manufacturers of Brazil (ANFAVEA) referred to that there may be excessive idleness inside the factories, given that in 2017 only sixty-one percentage of the manufacturing trace capability became used.


The area in Brazil is soliciting for the government to approve a new package deal of monetary incentives. Still, the big public deficit and proceedings from commercial enterprise companions before the World Trade Organization have stopped the Executive’s useful resource to date. Since 2014, Mexico was given higher figures than Brazil as the biggest vehicle producer in Latin America. This trend has not stopped, driven by Mexican exports to the United States and Canada.

Last 12 months, Mexico handed the barrier of three.7 million motors produced and passed for the third consecutive year Brazil as the most important vehicle producer in Latin America, with greater than a million cars greater than the South American large. To better understand how to protect your vehicle from car theft, and that allows you to get a better concept of which vehicles may be stolen, it’s miles essential to apprehend the top five reasons that cars might be stolen. These are the five biggest reasons someone may scouse borrow your automobile.


Joyriding is something this is cited now and then as a prank. However, it simply does take place. This occurs because someone sees a vehicle and desires to power around in it. So they scouse borrow it and not use a different motive apart from a virtual ride around inside the car. These are cars that can be stolen and typically recovered within a day or in the same trendy place that they have been stolen. Most of the stolen cars for joyrides are damaged because the thief would not care what takes place in the auto. Most of the time, automobiles that might be stolen for joyriding are chosen because the owner has left the keys to the vehicle or has left the door transfer in an unlocked role.


The second reason cars are stolen easy – the thief desires to get from one region to another. They need to head someplace and must have an automobile to try this. Most of the time, they leave the car wherever their vacation spot is changed into. Sometimes, the automobile is wrecked, and often there are parts stolen from it. However, the largest cause to take the auto inside the first location was to get where they have been going definitely. Thieves pick out those motors in an identical manner – they have been left with the keys inside the ignition, or in a manner, this is very clean to scouse borrow.

Other Crimes

Sometimes, a car is stolen so that different crimes can be devoted. This occurs while a person steals a vehicle to break out from the scene of a crime that just passed off, like a theft. However, it may also be done to get to a one-of-a-kind crime, like a burglary or drug crime. Most of the time, the stolen car is deserted whilst the crime is finished, but a whole lot of the time, it is damaged or wrecked within the process. These vehicles are regularly stolen in locations in which there is a lot of crime.


Sometimes, a vehicle is stolen from the components. For example, this happens whilst an automobile is hotwired and stolen, and the radio or components of the engine are taken out before the automobile is abandoned or discovered. Sometimes, the thieves have one or foremost items in mind, and every so often, they strip something they can out of the auto before a person finds it.

Commercial Theft

The closing sort of automobile theft is commercial theft. Unlike the automobiles, which can be stolen to strip the elements, those cars are stolen to be resold. Body stores will absorb stolen vehicles, report off serial numbers and change the appearance of the auto, after which resell them. These are the automobiles that are in maximum excessive call for, and this is why they may be stolen.

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