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Download your dependence on gadgets


Download your dependence on gadgets


Guest Columnist Jim Kargakos is an adjunct professor of psychology at Stanley Baldwin Wallace University and Lakeland Community College. He teaches a college path, conducts seminars on “happiness,” and is a practicing lifestyle train. He can be reached at jim@olympuslifecoaching.Com.
Sometimes, you need to step outside, get some air, and remind yourself of who you are and who you want to be.” – Anonymous.

The noise is never finishing.

We walk around with our brains chattering with no end in sight, considering day after today, the day before this, what occurred this morning, what is going to take vicinity this night, replays and alternate endings of beyond activities, and fantasies approximately things that could be or might have been. And then, there are the gadgets – connected to our hands 24/7, armed and loaded with infinite apps – they hold us fulfilled, entertained, in touch, and distracted.

Ah yes, we can immediately contact the entirety and anybody, it appears – the complete planet. Just a touch, a scroll, and a click. Well, that is everybody, but … Ourselves. Where on display do you scroll to get in touch with yourself?

But if we are not in touch with ourselves, does not everything around us fades out of awareness? If we are not targeted within the knowledge of ourselves, how can we realize where we stand on the subject of anybody and the entirety else in our global? What does something mean if I do not know what it approaches me?

Yet, how can we discover our “self” while stuck up in a whirlwind of constant noise and distraction?

Sometimes, you “want to step outdoors, get some air.”

In my Psychology of Happiness elegance, we talk approximately the significance of what Carin Rubenstein and Phillip Shaver call “energetic solitude,” which’s clearly taking the time to literally and figuratively unplug and go for a stroll or take a seat in a quiet vicinity. No cellphone, no tune blaring in our ears, no interference or disruptions of any sort. Just the moment and us.

And it’s for the duration of those instances, in which the stillness and quiet start whispering in our ears, that we can start to sooner or later pay attention to what lies inner people. So many truths that the constant noise in our heads has obscured start to the floor. So many yearnings which have been lying silent may be heard shouting from the depths of our spirit.

Now you are really “in contact.” You’re in touch along with your very own being and soul. How many trivial text messages and “LOLs” could you alternate for that?


Have something to say approximately this subject matter? Use the remarks to share your thoughts, and live informed when readers reply to your remarks through the usage of Notification Settings (in blue) just underneath. Technologically superior gadgets virtually make paintings less difficult and quicker inside the workplace. At the same time, as some of them may cost a little a fortune, some gadgets might be economically priced. Our dependence on these gadgets has reached a factor in which spending a single day without them within the office is honestly unthinkable regardless of the character of the job and the size of the organization.

Among the devices that a cutting-edge workplace ought to be ready with, two of the most commonplace alternatives are a rackmount LCD and a label supervisor. While the former saves quite a few spaces and supports some working systems like Windows 95,2000, ME, XP, and so forth, the latter enables the creation of a series of barcodes to make work less difficult in the workplace.

A few devices aren’t simply constrained to workplace use; however, they help mobility. The most famous gadgets in this category, the USB pen, aren’t fixed to a single region. However, they may be carried around anywhere the owner goes. Therefore, sporting a USB pen implies now not just sporting a pen for writing however additionally carrying all of the essential commercial enterprise information and statistics stored in the pen drive.

Any completely operational enterprise needs to have a printer for scores of files and letters published every day. So this accounts for the presence of normal printers inside the workplace. When the finances are limitless, the faster and greater efficient laser printers can be depended upon. Nowadays, it’s miles not unusual for a printer to be combined with a scanner so that the tasks of creating copies and faxing them may be finished concurrently.

The reputation of gadgets has resulted in the market being inundated with a wide range of phrases of manufacturers, capabilities, and applications. As a result, gadgets for enterprise programs and a laugh like cellular telephones, storage drives, and excessive-pace Internet can now be acquired at aggressive quotes and used to make existence easier at home and in paintings.

From sports vehicles to secret agent cameras, energy tools to wi-fi electricity devices–men love the era. Most men have as a minimum one high-tech obsession. It might be the cutting-edge gas grilling device; a slicing side flies rod, the most up-to-date graphite golf equipment, computers, electronics–the listing is going on and on. It’s obvious that men love devices–however, why? Here are just a few feasible reasons.

The “Wow” element. Let’s face it: shiny new techno-toys are cool. From today’s plasma display screen TVs too slim, fashionable cell telephones, a beautifully designed device is sure to catch a man’s attention. Many devices are designed to maximize the chill attraction: electronic card shufflers for the cardboard shark for your own family; sleek Mp3 players and cellular telephones that look top out in town; computer audio system that looks like the cutting-edge sculpture. The “wow” aspect is elusive, and it’s normally a mixture of fashion and function.

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