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One element we are definitely looking forward to this spring is a spin on Yamaha’s new MT-09-primarily based Niken three-wheeler. It’s no longer regularly we get an entirely new sort of car to lark about on, and the evidence indicates the Nikon might be like nothing else available. Alabama’s men’s basketball team (19-15) will face Virginia Tech (21-11) in the NCAA Tournament’s first round in Pittsburgh. Tip-off is scheduled for approximately 8:20 p.m. CT on TNT. The Crimson Tide is a No. 9 seed, while the Hokies are a No. 8 seed in the big dance.

The game can be followed here, as well as with the following links: WATCH | LISTEN

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— Donta Hall (concussion) will play against Virginia Tech, per Alabama.

— Alabama’s starting five vs. Virginia Tech: Collin Sexton, Dazon Ingram, Herbert Jones, Braxton Key, and Donta Hall.

— Kerry Blackshear Jr. picks up his first foul. He’s the only player that will see significant minutes for Virginia Tech that’s over 6-foot-6.

— Va. Tech 15, Alabama 12 (14:46, 1H). Both teams have combined to miss two shots. The Hokies have hit six in a row.

— John Petty hits his first field goal attempt. It’s a 3 to take the lead.

— Collin Sexton picks up two quick fouls and will head to the bench. Va. Tech 17, Alabama 16 (12:22, 1H)

— Va. Tech 22, Alabama 20 (10:43, 1H). The Tide has hit three field goals in a row, and 6 of the 9 players that have seen the court have scored.

— Va. Tech 29, Alabama 27 (7:20, 1H). Hokies shooting 73% (11-15) from the field. Tide = 67% (10-15).


— Alabama 36, Va. Tech 34 (3:14, 1H). The Tide retakes the lead thanks to a quick 7-0 run over the last 1:26. John Petty is 2-for-2 from 3.

Halftime: Va. Tech 43, Alabama 41

— John Petty drains a 3 just before the buzzer — his third of the 1H.
We’ve spoken to some manufacturing facility insiders, and Yamaha has additionally launched a new tech video this week, giving a few more elements at the fine details of the front suspension gadget. And we have to mention, the greater we discover, the extra fascinated we get.

First up – this isn’t like the 3-wheeled scooters some of us have ridden already. Yamaha’s aimed the Nikon at motorcyclists seeking out something new, rather than commuters afraid of falling over at traffic lighting. Indeed, the Nikon will fall over if you let it cross it without setting it at the sides. The front end is totally ‘passive’; that is to mention, there are no hidden hydraulics or electrics governing its actions. There’s no transfer to ‘lock’ the front lead to an upright role.

If you lever the Nikon up onto the side stand, with the front end of the air, the 2 wheels will move up and down freely, without friction. As one is going up, the alternative is going down, the parallelogram linkage underneath the steering head providing a herbal motion. Cunning geometry inside the Ackermann linkage setup continues the 2 wheels in line and the identical distance aside, all the manner through the bend, improving balance and steerage sense.

We additionally were given an insight into the dual fork suspension setup. The front fork tube doesn’t have any springs or dampers inner – it is there to preserve the wheel pointing beforehand. The rear tubes have all of the suspension function interior them.

What’s the point, then? Well, reputedly, the front-end experience and grip in a nook is something else absolutely. There’s not pretty double the quantity of traction as you’ve got on an MT-09 because the front wheels are 15-inch rims in preference to 17-inches, so the contact patch of each tire is slightly smaller. But we are told there may be approximately 80 in step with a cent more the front end grip…

The 15-inch rim length is important because it is equal to the TMAX 500 remarkable-scooter, meaning there may be a large preference for rubber. The TMAX is so popular in Italy; there are even race tires to be had in its 120/70 15 sizes – giving the opportunity of ** incredible-sticky hoops at the front stop of a Nikon, for track day fun like not anything else. We’re also caused to consider that the Nikon can wheelie; however, once the front cease is off the deck, the motion of the two wheels is not definitely predictable. Depending on how the front comes up, the wheels might live stage or possibly live down low, and the alternative elevates up even better. Witchcraft guy…

We do not even understand what a stoppie will be like. Minds are blown.

So, we’re bought. And we will be using the Nikon in May, in all likelihood, on the mountain roads of Austria. But we are no longer the handiest ones – as soon as Yamaha has finished the press launch, it is loading all the Nickens onto an HGV and taking them spherical Europe on a check ride roadshow. We’ve not were given actual dates yet, but someday in June, you may be capable of going to Niken roadshow events here in the UK and take a look at this mad new beastie for yourself…

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