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Ever suffered from burning your mouth for your ramen’s steaming warm noodles or a messy soy sauce stain down your white shirt? YO! Has a useless gadget to repair that.

The Japanese conveyor belt restaurant is bringing the artwork of Chindogu, “useless innovations”, to the UK to provide a helping hand with your eating problems.

Chindogu, the brainchild of 72-yr-old Japanese inventor Kenji Kawakami, are gadgets to remedy everyday troubles that are not generally thought to be worth fixing.


Home of the quirky and forward questioning, Japan has created many devices over the centuries.

Those who’ve made the Chindogu Hall of Fame encompass the ‘Train Nap Cap’, to keep commuters from slumping on someone’s shoulder mid-sleep, and the ‘Baby Mop’, to ensure parents’ flooring is sparkling easy as their infants move slowly alongside.



The now lots-cherished, bestseller selfie stick was even deemed a useless device lower back in 1995 after making it into the book, a hundred and one Useless Japanese Inventions.

The YO! Chindogu menu pairs every machine with their perfect dish accompaniment to give diners a unique ingesting enjoy they never even realized they needed.

Order YO!’s scrumptious Dumpling Miso Ramen noodles and spot how the ‘Noodle Splash Guard’ stops your luscious locks getting dipped in broth.
Keep your hot Spicy Seafood Udon from burning your lips, the ‘Noodle Cooler’ machine will settle down noodles simply before they reach your mouth with its electrical fan.

One of the best matters approximately technology is they make lifestyles so much less difficult. Technology devices have been evolving so fast that now and again, human beings find it hard to capture up. There are now devices for almost each wants you can think of – portable printers, video and audio players, netbooks, and more. There are gadgets for each amusement and commercial enterprise.

People regularly journey for each entertainment and business purposes. During the journey, there are regularly pockets of time to be had, and one may need to deliver a few useful devices along just to make higher use of the time. For instance, a flight can be behind schedule sudden. A transportable media player will help offer leisure each within the airport and throughout the flight. Simply hook it up along with your laptop and begin gambling a movie. So permit’s don’t forget the diverse gadgets which could are available useful when touring.

Portable media gamers.


Portable media gamers provide hours and hours of amusement. These gadgets normally come with massive inner disk drives (over 100GB). The disk area is to permit the owner to store as many DVD films as possible. For a media participant that has over 100GB of disk area, an expected 50 movies may be stored.

Portable gamers can be used to watch films while watching for a flight, during a flight, in a motel room or at a restaurant.

A netbook or a laptop.

A computer might be the most important device that you could deliver alongside. Almost all inns provide wired or wireless Internet get right of entry to nowadays. In the resort room, you could constantly hook up with the Internet and start browsing such as you generally do. You can chat with pals, paintings on documents, download MP3 music documents or stream films.

If you’re journeying simply for enjoyment, you may keep in mind bringing a netbook along. A netbook operates very similarly to an everyday laptop, besides that it is supposed for viewing content rather than developing content material. You can use it to play movies, study virtual books or play the tune. But do not expect it to run any aid-intensive software. If you want paintings to be finished, it is better to carry alongside a pc.

Another distinction between the netbook and a regular pc is that the netbook is a great deal smaller and lighter. For this cause, it is the ideal travel partner if you do not need the capabilities of a regular laptop.

Video eyewear.

Video eyewear is a system that you could wear glasses. You can use it to play games or watch films. It functions very much like a transportable display, except that it is very small and mild.

This device has a rechargeable lithium battery a good way to operate for six-8 hours. You can plug it into your iPod, media player, Play Station, Nintendo, and greater. This is a top-notch gadget for watching videos exterior.


You may additionally desire to don’t forget bringing the video eyewear alongside and leaving your computer systems in the back of if you are journeying for entertainment. Doing so will assist ensure that you definitely relax even as you are on vacation. Stop considering work for the ones few days and really permit go!

In this new yr, it’ll be important, more than ever, to shop most effective real automobile devices and accessories, best the usage of pinnacle-rated car devices you may pressure secure and comfortable.

In the net market we will become aware of loads of products and gizmos from this industry, the use of them you can live safe and you may experience your driving revel in. In this post, we want to expose some of the maximum famous products related to the automobile devices enterprise.

Fortunately, we like customers, can store from quite a few online shops, secure and comfortable, maximum important may be to perceive those secure structures, do not spend your cash on fake or low-first-class systems. Try all of the time to read carefully the whole product description and consider to check matters approximately the guarantee of your preferred merchandise.

In the automotive enterprise, we are able to find out more cool traits, each year, new cool technology, gizmos on board of your automobiles, gizmos used like vehicle add-ons. Try to determine what you can use for the long-term time frame and what are the advantages of this merchandise.

· Portable jumper starter package – this first-rate product allows you to loads, in the one’s conditions whilst you are on my own and nobody can be next to you. Using this product to your vehicle represent a smart funding.

Basically, this product it’s miles a battery supply that will help you to start your automobile smooth and relaxed. You simply have to join the clamps to the automobile’s battery.

The most critical is that the manufacturer’s recommendation is to start your car secure for as much as 22 instances on fee.

· Smart Car Adapter – this extremely good gadget it’s miles developed by means of Automatic brand – it is a small car adapter that can be used secure and clean, you can plug-on this item to the onboard diagnostics port of your car. Using this tool you could achieve numerous technical statistics approximately your vehicle.

This system allows you to to become aware of one-of-a-kind engine issues, warnings and errors can show to you, to your telephone thru Bluetooth, wherein you parked, your ride history and plenty more information. Starting 1996, this product has a whole lot of updates and new and sparkling releases periodically.

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