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Moving Within Dubai? Here is the Step-by-Step Guide

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Moving Within Dubai? Here is the Step-by-Step Guide


Are you planning to change your house in Dubai? Well, considering the real estate market and luxury residences, it is no doubt a good decision. The odds are in your favour and you should try living in a different area of this wonderful modern city. However, to make sure that you do not end up being a victim of any fraudulent or cheating activities from the service providers, learn a few tips and tricks of the trade before moving out of your house. You can get more information; check it out on Luxury Property LLC. Here is an entire step-by-step process of how to relocate to another home and where to begin.

Let Your Landlord Know as Soon as You Make the Decision

If you are currently on a rented property, you should tell your landlord about your moving decision as soon as you consider it final. According to the property laws followed in Dubai, it is important for you to tell your landlord at least 3 months before you plan to leave.

Apart from this, if you have a tenancy through any real estate agent, you should begin informing them first before talking to your landlord. In most cases, the middle party will provide you help and assistance in moving out and even looking for a newer place to live in the city. Don’t forget to inform them once you have made your mind to move.

Hire a Good Movers and Relocators Company in Dubai

If you possess plenty of furniture, personal belongings that can be a pain to move, consider a professional moving company. There are plenty of those in Dubai and can provide you great support in not only relocating your stuff to the new residential place but also decorating it. Some moving companies in Dubai also offer maintenance services and in case your new residence requires any fixtures, you can hire them to ensure everything is running perfectly in the house.

On an average, you can invest around AED 3000, a sum that can help in decorating your house, fixing and re-building any issues, maintaining the old and new house and relocating the items from one place to another; a reasonable deal indeed!

Make Sure Your Previous Apartment/Villa is in a Decent Condition

If you made any additions or removals while your stay in the rented property, you should make sure you get rid of them. According to a property law in Dubai, you are supposed to return the property in the same condition it was given to you in the first place. Only then, you will be able to receive your deposited money back.

Make sure you get rid of any damage or debentures in the time you lived in the place. The better the condition of your house at the time of leaving, the greater will be your chance to get the deposit back and ensure happy relations with landlord for any future contracts.

Take Time to Look for Your New House

Once you have decided you want to move the house, the second most important thing to consider is to find the right place to live. You can find reasonable property deals in Dubai on websites like Dubizzle, Property Finder etc. It will be more convenient for you if you choose the type of residence first and then contact the relevant real estate agent. Be sure to be proactive in finalizing any deals as the real estate market in Dubai is really quick and changes on an hourly basis.

Thoroughly Check Your House-To-Be Before You Move in

Once everything is done, your landlord shall come to visit the place and check the condition of the residence. If there are any issues with the property, you will be asked to fix them.

Sign the Tenancy Contract Beforehand

Make sure you have signed the tenancy contract, paid all the required necessary deposits for your new house. There will be around 5% on the whole amount for your real estate agent and a 5% for the deposit to landlord.

Depending on whether you are moving in a villa or an apartment, you require a moving permit from the building for the latter.

Get NOC from Your Landlord

Remember to get a NOC from previous landlord. It is only possible to move to a new place once you receive NOC from the previous one. You should show the document to your new building.

Clear All Your Bills

When the final day has arrived, you need to call DEWA and inform that you are ready to pay your last DEWA bill. Make sure to do this before you are all set to leave.

Pay for EJARI Before Moving In

If you want to ensure to have power in your new house, make sure your EJARI is completed and approved to activate DEWA supply.

Get a New Connection for Your Place

Once you are in your house, you can either look for a new internet service provider or if you are using du or Etisalat, you can just your package transferred to the new location.

Buy Things for Your New House!

Finally, enjoy your new comfy and luxurious home! Go shopping for the items you need, decorate it as per your desires and have fun in a new residence. Enjoy!