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The Automobile Barcelona exceeds 755,000 visitors

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The Automobile Barcelona exceeds 755,000 visitors


Of extra than 755,000 traffic, about five,000 more than within the beyond version in 2015. Furthermore, sales agreements increased 15% compared to the final version, reaching nearly 80,000 motors bought. “This 12 months’ version has marked a before and after for automobile suggests worldwide,” stated the chairman of Automobile Barcelona, Enrique Lacalle. “We have invented the automobile display of the destiny, introducing a new layout and a brand new philosophy of alternate suggests which have been properly acquired by using the public and the sector specialists. And this has significantly extended the wide variety of visitors and sales,” LaValle added. The chairman additionally knowledgeable that 47% of the site visitors who came to shop for a car confirmed interest within the “linked automobile” innovation.


Barcelona hosted the thirty-ninth edition of the town’s biggest motor show occasion from May eleven to 21. The record discerned 755,000 traffic, approximately 5,000 greater than inside the past edition in 2015. According to the Automobile Barcelona display, Enrique Lacalle, it was exactly their commitment to combining the motor show with the cutting-edge innovations in connectivity that marked an achievement that has passed all expectancies. And which, in step with Lacalle, the auto show a very crucial push toward rushing up manufacturers’ sales and attracting younger attendees.

According to a survey, 63.3% of the visitors were much less than forty years antique, and 34% went to the show because they’re interested in ecological vehicles (whilst two years ago this percentage was handiest 15%). “These records confirm that purchasers want to address the destiny by retaining the environment,” confident Lacalle, who also highlighted the developing interest in the show the various younger public in addition to the proof of the financial recuperation, both of which “made a mark” on this year’s version.

The survey also revealed that fifty-eight% of the traffic agree that Automobile Barcelona offers the quality possibility to shop for a new automobile because of the attractive reductions and the financial investment presented with the aid of the unique manufacturers. “This demonstrates the massive industrial weight of the display and its vitalizing impact on the enterprise, which has installed one of the important automobile occasions in Europe,” Lacalle talked about. “As a remember of fact, the car industry represents 11.7% of Spain’s GDP,” he added. However, apart from the extensive boom in more youthful site visitors, the survey also reflects that the auto display attracts particular families, with a percentage of 60.Three%.

2019, a centenary version

The subsequent Automobile Barcelona edition will take place in May 2019 and mark the centenary of the display. According to the organizers, the centenary version might be focused once more on the impact of the digital transformation and the new technology in the car enterprise. “We will start operating inside the centenary version starting today,” Lacalle promised and showed the show’s dedication to combining the “Connectivity Hub” with the “Motorshow” even extra closely.

Automobile Barcelona, an international reference

This year’s version changed into expected to host a complete of 90 distinct companies, 30 automotive brands, forty-three international, European, and national launches, 108 audio systems, and 25 start-ups. One of the strategically splendid highlights become the “Connectivity Hub,” a professional conference in which key main motor organizations and manufacturers were able to connect to virtual marketers and start-ups. According to the display’s organizers, the Automobile Barcelona is nowadays the simplest motor display with this new technique and positions Barcelona as an international reference for the related vehicle idea.

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