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Travelling With An Android – Quick Guide To Some Great Applications for Newbies


Travelling With An Android – Quick Guide To Some Great Applications for Newbies


I usually feared Android phones Reality Crazy might be all hype and overrated, especially as it changed into said that the Android platform itself becomes reputedly fragmented as several variations of it jogging on diverse phones. Consequently, applications did now not continually run in addition to they need to on all phones. As a result, Android itself became a tad immature compared to the long-established reliability and standardized interfaces of the Symbian-powered, in most cases, Nokia phones. But over time, old systems have disappeared as producers seize up.

I’d been a Nokia stalwart all the while but finally relented and migrated to an Android phone approximately 3 weeks in the past, like among the legions of fast-growing Android enthusiasts. I might grasp onto my trusty Nokia 5530 a touch while longer, but I wager the temptation of embracing that green little robotic became too extremely good. Customization is the name of the game in the era these days in any case. My Nokia did many things for me, and I, in particular, depend on plenty on it when I am traveling. So after unlocking it with an easy hack to furnish me with the complete capability to get entry, I’d loaded it with tons of packages or ‘apps’ as they are normally referred to.

When I bought my ‘el cheapo’ Chinese-made, splendid bang-for-the-greenback, Android 2.2 powered ZTE Blade, I hoped it’d outdo my Nokia in terms of usability given the masses of thousands of Android apps within the ‘Android Market.’ Well, iPhone has more apps, but the good day I in no way really pulled for the iPhone camp for a few cause, possibly due to the fact I suppose I like supporting underdogs more! However, after having the cell phone for 3 weeks now, I admit that Android has not upset me, and I am quite pleased to research it has lived as much as its hype.


I want to maintain my apps depend to the minimum. Therefore, I mainly install apps that can be beneficial in organizing my existence or for when I journey. If you are an Android beginner and feel overwhelmed with the aid of the big Android marketplace, here is a shortlist of a few first-rate Android apps (I actually have established all of them) in case you occur to be nice, an absolute minimalist like me who appreciates effective, smooth to use, first-class apps.

The horrific news is that some apps aren’t free. The better apps or people with advanced capabilities frequently requires one to ‘root’ the telephone, which means acting an easy ‘hack’ to grant complete, ‘brilliant- person’ functionality to the smartphone such that you may install any app or other modified cellphone firmware with unrestricted get admission to. Rooting may also void your telephone’s assurance, so it can now not be an amazing concept to root your telephone properly out of the container before ensuring it’s miles freed from hardware or software program faults. It is better to present your phone a run for a few weeks first earlier than rooting it to be at the secure facet. Giving info right here is unnecessary as there are zillion pages on Android apps, installing custom-designed Android firmware, and rooting on Google.

Utilities:(vital as Android devices are memory and battery hungry)

Set CPU – very CPU clock fee and control battery optimization using customizable profiles
Advanced Task Killer Pro – autokill strolling historical past apps
Easy SpeedUp – kill walking heritage apps in one click on
Autorun Manager – prevents some apps from auto-beginning
AutoKIller Memory Optimizer – kill apps while memory reaches preset tiers
Blade Buddy Pro – optimization tweaks to speed cell phone
Spare Parts Plus – more phone optimization options
App Installer – for listing app and installing them
Power Control Plus – extra features and toggle buttons to enable/disable plane mode, lock display, Bluetooth, and lots of extra in one click on
Battery Widget – battery degree indicator in percentage and shortcut to show control, Bluetooth, and many others.

File Managers:

Astro File Manager – file explorer
Root Explorer-like Astro, with getting entry to phone machine documents also
Launcher Pro- complements the stock Android domestic display screen and provides more functionality
SlideIt – One of the first apps I hooked up.Great keyboard, similar to the greater famous Swype. I choose SlideIT for its advanced velocity and predictive accuracy.

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