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Web Design Trends for 2018

Web Design

Web Design Trends for 2018


At HTML Goodies, we strive to provide you the modern-day web design statistics. In this installment, we look at the works of many enterprise professionals who illustrate their enjoyment and communicate about the recent new layout traits of 2018. Here are 10 developments to test out:

1. Asymmetric Layouts

According to Brad at Dallas Web Design, “Asymmetric layouts are a trend I expected to blow up in 2018. Almost each design customer desires to “stand out or be exceptional.” A constant request we hear increasingly from clients is, ‘Can it be much less boxy?'”

“Web developers have commenced breaking the rules of symmetry, and the effects can be sudden. Therefore, it is critical to consider the overall structure of the internet site cautiously. The use of asymmetry should be logical and provide a tremendous consumer revel in.” For instance, we examine proper to left, so the most precious records must be on the left side of the layout. Asymmetrical layouts can be used to emphasize movement or upload focal factors of the hobby to the viewer. When carried out successfully, asymmetry is visually exciting while maintaining stability in a website.”

Figure 1. Here is an instance of an asymmetrical layout.

Tim Keough at Sympli had a distinctive angle and offered 3 different layout traits. These are:

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2. DesignOps

DesignOps is the equal of DevOps; however, geared closer to the layout global to improve collaboration, traceability, and automation the usage of paradigms which have been around for years within the improvement global.

Figure 2. Here is an instance of designs.

We’ve embraced designs by introducing a new Git-based version manage solution for design files, improved gear to attach designers and developers, and speed building web apps and websites. This includes gear incorporated into each design and development environment to beautify collaboration and teamwork. In addition, adopting those tools and talents will permit groups to be extra powerful at turning in internet apps greater speedy and cost correctly.

Web Design

3. Web/Mobile Convergence

Tools will maintain to improve to deliver web and mobile nearer collectively and pass nearer in the intention of constructing an unmarried answer that powers net and local application stories.

Figure 3. Here is an instance of Web/Mobile Convergence.

React/React Native and other frameworks, as well as low-code/no-code answers, are helping pass this route.

4. Blockchain

Many new applications will be introduced that hook up with blockchain-primarily based disbursed applications, which will impact the net layout/improvement global.

Figure 4. Here is an example of a blockchain application.

Web design will need to apprehend blockchain applications to efficiently design interactions to connect the web with those novel backend packages.

5. Mondrian

Yuliia Shchilnyk had a different attitude. “Mondrian is a quite new internet layout fashion that I expect will become very popular this year. It’s named after the artist Piet Mondrian, who is exceptionally recognized for his specific fashion called Neoplasticism. Essentially, the style is based on sharp and crisp geometric shapes and normally utilizes number one hues. The crisp outline keeps the pages looking very smooth and prepared, with a touch of flare. In addition, the bright hues make the page pop at you from the display.”

Whenever I even have a possibility to look at the web design trends from all across the web, one thing that disappoints me always is they are all of the same from final yr, or possibly no longer what you spot around nowadays. I imply that animation has usually been considered a massive fashion in improving a website, and that too. However, do you know the way large a fashion animation is?

Seriously, in case you actually have a checklist of trends. If you are goiwillass a complete display screen animation video into it, you higher check out a spot range of top websites before doing so. No one loves to see an animated video anymore. But, there is a lot extra than that. To prove it, let us look at our five niche developments that can take the web design arena using a storm.

1. A nonscrollable full screen may be a distinction maker

So finally, humans have become used to websites that can be non-scrollable because they have to put less effort into website navigation. Imagine scrolling those one web page websites, until eternity, with a sticky header accompanying you all the way to the lowest. It is constantly refreshing to see pages wherein everything is a gift in the display, and also want not to scroll for navigating to different pages. Nowadays, human beings are very busy, and nonscrolling websites can act as a wonderful time saver. Let us examine some examples of why this is super.

Facebook Privacy Basics

Facebook uses facet scrolling sliders to explain step-by-step instructions on the basics associated with their privateness coverage, backed by using a few first-rate illustrations. Great, isn’t it?


Fantasy is a layout company doing an extraordinary task of maintaining the whole thing above the fold. Although it seems as if a few forms of scrolling are concerned, in truth, it isn’t always. For example, checking in the work segment, you can access the content beneath the fold by clicking on the icons present above the fold.

KLM 50 Travels

Another outstanding instance of enforcing this concept is taking you via 50 destinations with the assistance of a walk-through video. You need to retake a seat and loosen up, watching the first-rate locations go to round. Just use arrow keys or area bar for a bit of navigation if required, fending off users to utilize a mouse.

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