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The beauty of old Benglauru


The beauty of old Benglauru


Superstar Upendra reminisces how the garden metropolis has misplaced its attraction within the name of improvement. I started my life in Chamarajpet. It changed into a minimal lifestyle in a small global. We lived in a tiny region, which had simply 8 to ten homes. We had been a own family of four — my parents, brother, and myself. It was a international which I become acquainted with and happy. Once I came out of my home, I might grow to be on the principal avenue, which for me at that age (4 or 5) was the quit of the world. I believed that the land ended at the main street and that there has been a large ocean beyond that.

Those days there have been rarely any vehicles or human beings too. Every time I noticed a bus, I could be fascinated by it. We would see a car every so often — normally Ambassadors and Fiats. Anyone who owned a vehicle in those days changed into taken into consideration to be a wealthy man. Of path, my buddies and I would usually play on the streets. We could play lagoon, spin tops, and conceal and are seeking. The populations turned into not an awful lot, the roads could generally be empty, and lifestyles changed into simple but tough.

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My father labored as a cook. He would prepare dinner for weddings and temples and bring domestic prasad and ₹20. That in itself becomes a deal with for us. Though it becomes a difficult existence, we found splendor in awaiting my father coming domestic with tasty food. Even for Deepawali, my father could not find the money to shop for us crackers, so he would joke, ‘I actually have organized for the entire street to burst crackers and create a spectacle for you boys. You must stand and watch.’

We had a hard lifestyle, yet, I leave out the one’s days in Bengaluru. Those days at some point of autumn, all the leaves and flora might be strewn across the street, creating the sort of pretty image. It would appear to be a mattress of dry leaves and vegetation. There changed into additionally a massive marijuana tree close to our home, and we would pick the flowers strewn around the tree and make garlands for our pujas. There changed into Makkala Koota, where we’d frequently pass and play. I spent a number of my time there as I became growing up. Today even the Makkala Koota looks cramped. Then we shifted to Vidya Peeta, which was so isolated those days. But today, it’s so crammed with vehicles and those.


Now, even though some areas look identical, they do not sense the same. They seem to have misplaced their charm within the call of development. Development has commercialized everything. We had a great land, loaded with bushes, fresh air, and now not many people. If you ask older Bengalureans, they will probably paint a better image of our city. Today, children hardly ever get out in their houses. I sense they’re bound in the four partitions, playing video games. Even parks are crowded now. There seem to be people and guests each where. I experience that the metropolis has grown excessively at a totally speedy tempo, all at a charge.

We would visit Uma Theatre to look at films, which was a unique revel in for us. But nowadays we are losing those simple joys of life as we’ve got department stores and the multiplex tradition for leisure. We even book our tickets online. What is the use? We have misplaced the joy of status in the queue to buy the price ticket from the ticket counter. The joy we’d get while we got ours before the ‘House Full’ board went up. It is something that can’t be expressed. While we noticed the hero’s cutout at theatres, we would stand for hours and stare at his picture.

I pass over those days. I also spent plenty of my early years on DVG Road. That is one road that still seems the same. I sense that we have to stop the development and cross lower back to our easy lives to experience it. Going back does no longer want to be regressive. We can go lower back to nature, trees, and birds. We have to carry returned nature into our town as looking concrete out of our home windows is in no way inspiring.

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