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Travel Tech Reinventing The Travel Business!

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Travel Tech Reinventing The Travel Business!


With virtual technology and smartphones, the travel enterprise has reinvented itself. Internet proliferation began an alternate that was so unparalleled and huge, the journey enterprise is being re-invented, and its stakeholders are still getting a grasp of it. Driven by using consistent upgradation and use of generation, the online journey has always grown within the ultimate decade, being driven by customers’ call for greater comfort, transparent facts, and centers like by no means earlier than. ‘Mobile First’ and its impact on the sector also play a huge function inside the travel studies technique.

There has been a shift from reserving journeys via offline marketers to booking online over the years. Savvy consumers at the moment are seeking out a usual tour reserving experience, in which they need to devise and book their lodging, tickets, tours/activities on one commonplace platform. Moreover, the online journey enterprise could keep growing explosively, and increasingly, bookings would show up on the cell phone. The growing penetration of smartphones and adoption of digital bills performs a large role along quite simply of use.

The purpose of this type of steep boom in the online journey market lies in the fact that Indians have begun the use of online reserving of travel plans extra often due to its comfort. Interestingly, India has the 0.33 largest variety of net users worldwide after China and the US. According to the Morgan Stanley Research file, internet penetration in India anticipated developing from 33 consistent with the cent and 432 million internet users to over 60 in step with the cent and 915 million customers inside the next 10 years. The e-journey industry contributes to a majority of 88 percent increase of the Indian e-commerce enterprise. The fundamental drivers of the growth are the elevated spending power of humans, developing internet and credit card penetration, a governmental initiative to unfold tourism, the emergence of new online segments, and the awful lot anticipated growth in the civil aviation market.


According to a report ‘Demystifying the Indian Online Traveler’ published using Google India together with Boston Consulting Group, air travel is expected to grow at 15 percent to US$30 billion, and lodges will develop at 13 according to cent to US$thirteen billion through 2020. Additionally, as more people come online, cellphone penetration improves, and use of digital payments goes up, the file estimates that India’s online motel marketplace will develop to US$four billion with 31 consistent with cent penetration at a CAGR of 25 in keeping with the cent.

Trends in era

Technology has led to a democratization of tour via better information and fee discovery. The tendencies in the generation in the tour have now not simplest been limited to bookings and portals, the effect of this trend is manner past imagination. Right from Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Virtual Reality (VR) to Cloud Computing to Drones, the brand new generation trends are heading closer to convenient, automated, and personalized travel. Mobile first, Personalised journey, Big information, AI to VR, and the Internet of Things are the pinnacle era tendencies. The net of factors will be broadly frequent within the hospitality industry, which includes travel.


AR and VR are techniques that have recently picked up in recognition due to the immersive life-like audio-visible experience they offer. The key part that AR and VR play a large function is in the planning manner. Big facts analytics is a generation that collects and researches beyond occasions.

“Technology has absolutely changed the tour panorama during the last decade, each for travelers and organizations. Online tour dealers have empowered travelers by giving them the option of extensive kinds of travel alternatives with the whole transparency of pricing, all at the clicking of a button at their comfort. One of the most effective aggressive tools now reachable to organizations is enterprise intelligence software powered by massive information analytics to help them personalize their offerings as in line with patron options,” Manish Amin, Co-founder & CIO, Yatra.Com, said.

“Digitalisation is at the forefront of the tour enterprise, keeping the worldwide client behavior, new age visitor and their most excellent buying energy in thoughts. Like another industry, digitalization has modified alternatively upped the sport with the sort of attaining and impact it has at the favored target audience,” Rakshit Desai, Managing Director, FCM Travel Solutions, stated.

According to Rajeev Kumar, CEO, Mystify, the changing client needs constantly drive journey era trends. “Technology enhances and aids client experience. Customers at the moment are looking for travel studies that carefully align with their personal values. The unfulfilled wishes of travelers impact generation evolution, and this has additionally led to the massive transformation in tour distribution,” Kumar said and introduced that we haven’t any doubt that customer revel in is the new battlefield. “Technology differentiation in the future could be focused on AI and Predictive Analytics,” he opines.

Amitabh Misra, Founder, and CEO, GoPro, says the tour enterprise is evolving, and one of the largest changes is all people are becoming its personal tour agent. “New era advancements in the journey like AI and gadget mastering have made it less difficult for the person to search throughout thousands of travel reserving websites and personalized, curated options based totally on the choices shared. The Automation and BI also allow in creating dynamic packages at the pass based on purchaser preferences and reserving experiences,” Misra adds.

The speedy pace of exchange in the travel technology section is compelling players within the industry to pop out with new and revolutionary tools to foray into new segments to have an aggressive aspect a number of the competitors. Most of the advanced technological adjustments are taking location within the business tour segment. Also, the digital disruption of the traditional travel industry calls for the industry to locate methods to speak with the patron, get their comments, and offer them facts that they can easily get right of entry across diverse social structures and mobile applications.

Today with the ever-evolving generation inside the tour area, every player seeks to put into effect novel and innovative merchandise to lure clients. “Yatra is very centered on rapid technological innovations and advancements. For example, to ease the reserving manner, we’ve launched more than one capabilities like – a Facebook chatbot to permit booking tickets…, a self-serve platform to deal with consumer queries, a market location chat platform to enable guests to speak in actual time with the dealers, and also incorporated with Truecaller for easy onboarding and verification method,” Amin knowledgeable.

Even FCM Travel Solutions has delivered the critical Artificial Intelligence (AI) gear for Indian commercial enterprise visitors to manage their commercial enterprise journey. “Digital Technology is the maximum underrated component of a journey. While AI-based total journey remains at the inception stage, given its capacity for time and price savings, person facts analysis, and “preferred customization,” SBT + AI may be a disruptive device for corporate journey management. With the ever-growing business tour, the millennial staff wants to take charge of no longer just their entertainment trips however work-associated as nicely. With blurring lines among work and leisure, inducing Bleisure, we at FCM, want to carry inside the bliss of hassle-unfastened journey, no matter one traveling or at the place of business,” Desai stated.

Similarly, Mystify, a B2B airfare marketplace, has popped out with a new idea. “ We are transitioning from a market into a Value Hub Marketplace that goals at enhancing our customers’ potential to create higher reports for their purchasers. Today, the sector is ‘Mobile First,’ and we’re transitioning to enable our B2B clients to support the needs of this consumer base. We, as a commercial enterprise, additionally appearance to provide the same value to our clients, so that their service offerings are fee-pushed, developing a value-driven distribution chain,” Kumar said.

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